Road Trip: Ossa Village

In my previous post , I talked about the Vineyard Estate in Ossa, Vertiskos. After we left it, we looked for food. It was convenient that before going to the next village, we passed by the center area of Ossa. Look what I found from where we were:

A Traditional Grill & Ouzeri Place
It’s called “Petrino”. Root word “petra” meaning “rock or stone” in Greek.

“Ouzeri” in Greece is where you drink the traditional drink called “ouzo”, as well as other type of drinks; alcoholic or not. Most ouzeris have their local type of ouzo available. “Petrino” was a relatively decent looking place. It has a Balkan-Mediterranean look inside and out. I like these type of traditional taverns-ouzeri-restaurants in Northern Greece. They make you feel at home.

Below is a photo of a Wine Dispenser. It is the first time I’ve seen one. You can serve yourself with these 3 type of drinks, from left to right: Λ = Retsina ; Γ = Red Wine; Μ = White Wine. Retsina is a traditional Greek white wine made of rose and pine resin. I really love it and it is drunk with cola, fruit drinks, or sprite. Mr. Hubby’s bestfriend mixes her retsina with a hard type of drink , I can’t recall what it was, but it surely got me drunk last time. (That was funny experience.) There are many ways to drink retsina and you have to try them all to know which one you like best. I also prefer it as it is, but if I want it sweetened a bit, I add pineapple or orange juice. 🙂

Self Service Wine Dispenser at Petrino Grill-Ouzeri place in Ossa.

Our quick and inexpensive lunch: Souvlakia in Pita. This is what fastfood looks like in Greece. We were thinking of getting Gyros, but we changed our mind. We thought that since we are in a village, we might as well try their fastfood version of Souvlaki. Mr. Hubby got 2 portions of Souvlaki and he was very happy with his
Souvlakia in Pita. (Just to note, I use ‘Souvlakia’ instead of Souvlakis because in Greek you add “a” at the end of neutral noun if it is in its plural form.) 

Souvlaki / Souvlakia in Pita: The sinful fast food in Greece , cheaper and bigger than Mcdonald’s !

Traditional looking (Beer) Mugs from Germany or Scandinavia? I am not sure what they are exactly called – or used for?

Below, an old building. It used to be a store.

Then before we left Petrino, we caught  sight of another country life image. 🙂

A farmer’s companion.

Next, road trip entry is coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Road Trip: Ossa Village

  1. Such lovely photo’s of a beautiful place Nessy and I truly enjoyed the tour my friend. The food looks delicious indeed and I wish I was there. Thanks for sharing hon. 🙂 *big hugs*

    • It’s a fulfilling food, dear Sonel. Thanks again for dropping by. I am doing recap of the previous weeks’ activities. Soon I’ll post about our trip to Mt. Olympus 😀

      • It looks like it Nessy and you’re welcome hon. I will be sure to check out your next post. Thanks for the lovely tours and photo’s. I truly enjoy. 🙂 *hugs*

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