Road Trip: A Short Stop On Our Way to Vertiskos

May 10 – after leaving Ossa village [you can check my previous post here], we passed through several empty fields and the view of Mount Vertiskos was an illuminating companion during this road trip. The surprising thing (and a good thing, too) about Lagadas is that, the main road was better and in great condition. So no worries driving on a bumpy road, which, unfortunately, can be typical in Greece. Along the way, I saw a few KTEL stop signs. KTEL is a long distance inter-city bus transportation in Greece. One of the things I like in Greece is their KTEL buses. They come on time, they leave on time (well according to my experience, so far…) and they are clean and well-maintained. The one thing I don’t like is, you have to cram finding its schedule online, unless you call them in which I avoid because it is a paid one. Your next best option is to go in person to KTEL station or travel agencies in city center. The other option, is to find a website of the ‘place-municipal-city’ you want to go and look for information in regards to travelling there. This, is what I do.

Before entering Vertiskos municipality, which we actually had no idea how far was it (hahaha!), I asked Mr. Hubby to stop in one of the empty fields with a place for picnic. We walked here a little bit.

Shadow on a Hill.

A violet flower in the wilderness.

Tiny yellow flowers in the wilderness.

And lastly, this is where I viewed everything below.

Me, from where I took some photos and breath the fresh air. “Oh Spring, you’re moving away too soon!”

See you within Vertiskos Municipality next time! 😀


3 thoughts on “Road Trip: A Short Stop On Our Way to Vertiskos

  1. Absolutely stunning photo’s and tour as usual Nessy and I just love how you see everything around you. You are such a beautiful and person lady and I am glad I met you. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us once again hon. Much appreciated. 🙂 *big hugs*

    • Thank you very much Sonel~*hugs* I love the nature in Northern Greece and would love to show it to everyone. I am glad that you enjoyed them, hihihi!

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