A Friday Walk

Whenever it’s Friday, are you reminded of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song? Or The Cure song “Friday I’m in-love”? Or that Katy Perry’s  “Last Friday Night”? Whichever you like (or hate), Friday is a city center day for me and Mr. Hubby. The summer feel is in the air around Thessaloniki! It’s nice to visit again The Thermaikos Gulf, which is best known in Thessaloniki as “the Paraliya”.

 Two Highlights of the Paraliya (location: old area -Leoforos Nikis):

1. The White Tower

When you are in Thessaloniki, you shouldn’t miss visiting the White Tower. It is a symbol of wealth and struggles of the Greeks in Thessaloniki. Its history started in the Byzantine era; after that it was savaged by the Ottoman Turks and made as prison for the captured Greeks . When war was over, it was restored and today it’s a historical museum. Nowadays, it would be nice to sit in the cafe on top of it. You get a great view of the Thermaikos Gulf and a scenic view of Thessaloniki city center from above. The sea breeze and the blue sky is your best friend.

2. Boat Ride in the Paraliya

In Thessaloniki city, you will find boat cafes along Thermaikos Gulf.  The drinks here cost the same as those in normal cafe bars. It’s one of my favorite things to do in Thessaloniki – to enjoy a touch of sea breeze & drinking beer (or vodka) while hearing the sound of the waves. Sometimes if you get lucky, you will see dolphins visiting the shore. The boats have their initial schedule when to leave offshore. You have to check each schedule so not to miss one. In case you do, you can choose from the remaining boats. Sometimes you have to stay for 30 minutes inside before it leaves. Sometimes 40 minutes. Because of this, I have to learn how to drink my frappe (and other drinks) the Greek way – yes, sip it way “too” slow. Hahaha! And you wouldn’t be ashamed because it’s normal to do that here. One can even sit for 5 hours with only one glass of frappe.

When a boat leaves, the journey in the water will be about 20-30 minutes. Even for a short time, it’s an enjoyable trip!

After our walk in the Paraliya, we passed through Tsimiski road to go back to Kamara. Along the way, I found these lovely purple flowers neatly packed!
Does anyone know what they are?

On our way home, we always pass through Anopoli, where the Ancient Acropoli of Thessaloniki is located.
Tonight, because the moon was still in its full moon-shape (at least I thought so?), I asked Mr. Hubby if we could stop somewhere so we could walk a little bit, and of course, also to enjoy the moon view. He took this pic in a hurry as there were other cars coming, so we couldn’t stay too long in the center of the road. It’s not a great picture, but the thought that I was with Mr. Hubby at that moment, it left a sweet memory.

At Kastra, Anopoli. A full moon walk. The old and the new buildings meet here. It’s one of the best places to visit in Thessaloniki.

Do you enjoy Fridays?


5 thoughts on “A Friday Walk

  1. It sure is fun to travel with you Nessy and I love the purple flowers and the bags they are in. So cute! I think the photo your hubby took looks just beautiful. It has a “neon effect” against the dark sky and clouds. Really something else. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing hon and have a great weekend! *big hugs*

    • Thank you very much Sonel~I still have no idea what are those purple flowers, hahaha! Hopeful that next week we can take a walk around this ancient acropoli so I can take new photos and share them here. *bug hugs* Let’s see each other this Sunday! I won’t be late this time 😀

      • Same here but who cares? They are gorgeous and I just love the baskets they are in. It’s so cute! 🙂

        Oh, I can’t wait to see the photo’s and enjoy another tour with you hon. *big hugs*

      • I think their baskets were recycled , it would be lovely to have them around the house, 😀

  2. That tower is really steeped in history. The boat trip looks great fun. As for the blooms, I can make guesses but would need a better view of full plants and leaves for more accuracy.

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