Road Trip: Reaching Vertiskos Village

(This post is a continuation of our Road Trip – Village Hopping

One of the municipal units of Lagadas is Vertiskos. We finally reached the core of its municipality after passing several villages. I have to say it once again, that Vertiskos’ name came from the mountain that surrounds the area, Mt. Vertiskos. It used to be its own municipality until the 2011 Greek government reform, where it became a municipal unit of Lagadas. The village’s name has a Latin root meaning “the green”.

The village was undoubtedly “green”  because it is surrounded by forest. Typical of Greece, pine trees were growing everywhere. The sound of spring creatures were hovering inside the forest. It reached to our ears. Various sound of the birds echoed as we drove in the vicinity of the town. Upon entering it, you will notice a sign that points to the forest. I saw walking paths and it looked like that cars are allowed to go inside, too. Mr. Hubby and I talked about it as a place to re-visit so we could check their forest area and hiking paths.

Along the village’s old road, we saw an open tavern. There were 4 or 5 elderly people sitting outside. A limping dog carelessly walked in front of the car – oblivious of the 4-wheel object that could hit him/her. Anyway, the people looked at us, grimly. Is it a typical village look in Greece? Or probably because of the recession? But most probably the effect of the scorching heat that day. Despite of the unwelcome faces, we didn’t care. We continued our journey going downhill until we reached the village town hall.

Note: The photos were all edited in Vintage Style.

Municipal Hall of Vertiskos.

An Old House.

Another Old House. It was used for something else, but I forgot what it was…

The road going to St. George’s Church.

Vertiskos’ Village Orthodox Church

St. George’s Church. It was “siesta” hour when we came, so it was still closed.

After we passed through the church, we followed a path that led us to this path of lush green – photo below. I saw some white lilacs and was taking some photos of them when an anonymous plant stung me. Because of the itchy-pain it left, I didn’t get a chance to check which plant caused it. The sting on my legs stopped when I also stopped scratching. Nevertheless, my walk with Mr. Hubby here was memorable.

Wild Plants on the Rock.

On our way back to the car, this “thing” caught my attention.

It says: SALT. For Winter. Mr. Hubby told me that they might have been putting salt here to melt the snow on the road.

ROAD SIGN: Left, was where we parked the car. And Right, was the direction going to the village church.

Before we left the village, I enjoyed looking at the natural wall decor on the road. White painted walls were everywhere in the village. Flowers were blooming everywhere, too. But since we were running out of time to see our friend back in Thessaloniki city, we didn’t walk that much. Meaning, less photographs for me. Though I managed to get a hold of these purple snapdragons!

Wild Purple Snapdragons.

“Travelling is not about where you go, but about whom you go.” 
-From Code Geass S2 Anime

The last part of our Road Trip will be up soon!


3 thoughts on “Road Trip: Reaching Vertiskos Village

  1. Oh wow! Stunning shots as usual Nessy and I truly enjoyed the tour. It’s so much to go out with you and hubby…just a pity we drank all the wine..hehehehe
    Those snapdragons are just gorgeous and you captured them so well hon! Thanks for sharing this beauty and have a great weekend. 🙂 *hugs*

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