Love Bursts Sunday

For the past days, I have been having a crazy-doubting-suspicious yet funny-happy-ridiculously happy if I may say it right-nuclear emotion! Then today as I was browsing WP Reader – something came up. As expected of Mr. Wiley’s toughts, I read yet another inspiring and an eye opening post. If you want to know what I am talking about, visit Mr. Wiley’s post in Here.

And no doubt about it anymore – I AM HAVING  LOVE BURSTS! A nuclear explosion of emotions toward Mr. Husband. It is a corny thought, but I believe and I think that I am having these moments. It’s a repetitive case for me. At least for now, I understand that this is normal and thanks to Mr. Wiley, for when this happen again in the near future, I have something to remind myself since I know now what is this unsettling-yet-somewhat, lovely feeling.

A sweet fruit juice made by Mr. Hubby. My little heart is saying “happiness.”

An afternoon juice snack with Mr. Hubby. He’ been a busy guy so whenever he gives me his attention, I get somewhat red-faced and a rumble-jumble emotion. Hahaha. Feels like a teenager again, eh?


4 thoughts on “Love Bursts Sunday

  1. hehehe Nessy, get used to that feeling because even after 27 years hubby and I still get those “love bursts” (for some time I thought mine was hot flashes..hahahahah) and I still get my coffee in bed every morning, and sweet hugs and kisses and just everything that makes you feel so loved.. 🙂 Enjoy it sweetness. It’s always good to read about love. 🙂 *big hugs*
    PS: Great shots by the way. Love it! 🙂

    • *giggles* Wow 27 years! 😀 (Congratulations!)
      And here I am complaining about it on our 4th year, hahaha! He has given me so much attention the past 2 weeks , ever since his work ended. He would wake me up to give me kisses and my coffee would be ready by then… it wasn’t the first time he had done this, but for 2 weeks he was consistent. I freaked out! You see that we always have these problems going between us, and today, I figured that he’s really doing alot of effort to show me that he really care, and that he’s changing. He also did many surprising things lately. Since I’m not quite used to it, I was like “is he having a fever?” Of course that was silly of me. It took me one blog to ponder at what he’s doing for the past 2 weeks. It meant that he’s changed and more relaxed than ever so he wants me to give him another chance to start over knowing each other. And I am truly enjoying these sweet gestures. I am afraid I’d been spoiled , god I have to have some control over this love bursts, hahaha! I wonder if someday Sonel will post about her love story? Just a thought, hmm hmm 😛
      And, thanks for the compliment. They were taken in a hurry. Glad you like them 😀

      • It sounds to me that he was very stressed lately and you know, sometimes we take things too personally, but I am very glad to hear that he’s been spoiling you because you do deserve that Nessy. Thanks for the lovely wishes and in December it will be 28 years and no all the time moonlight and roses, I can promise you that and we struggled and still do financially but we always survive and the most important is that it doesn’t matter what happened, our love just grew stronger and the understanding between ourselves and that is that we are not here to change each other but rather to learn from each other and grow as individual beings. Before you know the 4 years will be 10 and when you wipe your lovely eyes out, it will be 20 and so on and so on and you will just appreciate each other more and more. The one thing I can tell you that is the most important in marriage is that you must be willing to forgive and forget and what it all comes down to is just unconditional love. Being human makes it quite a struggle and there were times where I could strangle him and I am sure he had his times as well, but so far we survived that too because I told him when we met I don’t do divorce but I definitely do murder..hahahaha. Maybe he took me serious and is too afraid to divorce me. LOLOL! No love story this side hon. Just two souls that met and fell in love. 🙂

        Take good care of each other hon because life is short and love is for free. 😀 *big hugs*

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