Travel Theme: Pathways

This week I decided to join Ailsa’s weekly activity, “Travel Theme: Pathways”. Thanks to the post of Sonel because I was able to find her blog link there! 😀

Recently (May 20),  Mr. hubby and I traveled to Mt. Olympus Park (Northern Greece). It was a 2-hour drive from Thessaloniki city by taking the highway. To reach the park, we passed through Litochoro village, and from there we followed the long and winding road of Mt. Olympus in hope to reach Prionia, the highest refuge area. Upon reaching it, we took the E4 hiking route. As if we were magically entranced by the Olympian Gods, we couldn’t get enough marveling at the scenery. One part covered in snow; our destination, was clothed in lush green. The chilly spring wind was still around, yet the afternoon stroke of the Sun God was our comfort companion as we strolled inside the home of the 12 Gods. Undoubtedly, we became intimate with it, devouring its luscious natural habitat. In our 2-hr walk, I managed to take some of these “pathway” images. Hope you enjoy them!

Hiking at Mt. Olympus

From where we came from. We walked through the man-made pathway. From here, we still had a lot to walk – A LOT…and see.

As we were going higher —and higher. I found this pathway full of wild ferns! I miss wild ferns, as they grow abundant in the tropics. Never thought I’d see them again.

My favorite photo: With Mr. Hubby in it. I run out of breath at some point so I have to stop. But nothing-nobody stopped me from taking this 1-sec image. I felt the “love bursts!”

The path taken by Byzantine monks inside St. Dionysus Monastery.

Path Signs: Which one to choose first?

A water pathway inside Mt. Olympus. We were relaxing on the bridge when I took this photo. ^_^ I felt like swimming! But it was cold water…There are many  streams inside the park and we passed 2 bridges already.

The pathway going back to the parking lot of St. Dionysus Monastery.

The path we just took from below…how many steps were they? I counted but totally forgot when I reached the top.

1. Mt. Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece – 2,917 m.
2. In ancient Greek mythology, it is known to be the home of the 12 Olympian Gods. Ruled by Zeus, his wife Hera, his brother Poseidon, his sister Hestia, the harvest Goddess Demeter, Zeus’ son & winged messenger Hermes, his son from his wife – Ares, his beautiful daughter Aphrodite, his twin children from the mortal Leto – Apollo & Artemis, his favorite daughter – Athena, and his other son – Haphaestus.
3. Litochoro is a village at the foot of Mt. Olympus – also known as “the City of Gods”.
4. It is the first declared National Park in Greece (1938).
5. There are 52 peaks in Mt. Olympus.
6. There are no lakes inside Mt. Olympus – but you can find many streams!
7. During WWII, it was used as a hiding place by the Greek resistance from the Germans.

Yes, finally my dream came true to come to this place! I conclude that it was a great idea to wait a little bit to visit it, until the weather became warmer and sunnier. One of the best places to recommend if you’re in Northern Greece – definitely is Mount Olympus park! 😀

4 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Pathways

  1. What a lovely place to visit Nessy and I loved the photo’s. They are all so stunning and I truly enjoyed the tour. I can see you did too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and it’s a great entry for the challenge hon. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Thank you Sonel! I really like the idea of the challenge but I couldn’t decide which set of photos to put. I was saving the mt. Olympus photos for another entry but in the end I couldn’t help myself to share the experience. It’s thanks to you that I’m able to join other blogger’s challenge! Hugs and kisses!

      • I am glad you liked Nessy and it’s so great to see your lovely selection in the challenges. I am glad I could be some inspiration to you hon. It’s all thanks to lovely people like Jake, Ailsa and Daily Post for their lovely challenges. 🙂 *big hugs*

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