Road Trip: After Leaving Vertiskos Village

We were still in Lagadas’ when we felt like sitting on the ground. [Check the previous post HERE]
Mr. Hubby stretched his legs and we laid our backs flat on the grass. There was Him & Her only. The air was fresh, I almost fell asleep. I also took my sweet time lying my belly flat and taking photos of the wild flowers, where I felt guilty at some point because we cannot avoid stepping on them. This is our last stop in Lagadas. After this, we went back to Thessaloniki city.


A view of the Thistle and barren field.

Thistle. A purple flower I also adore.

Thistle in black & white.

A wild daisy.

A purple-violet wild plant that I do not know its name…anybody who does?

Gathered together, these tiny purple-violet wild beauties were fun to look at! To me, they look like little orchids, gathered together to make this field look more homey.

Point at me

Marbles were scattered around the field we were resting. I took  a remembrance of this relatively huge one when we were about to leave.

This last photo is me enjoying the fresh air, the bright sun, this beautiful spring afternoon, while in my grasp is a flower which color is my favorite. Another Enjoyable Spring Day!

Purple Me and everything else! 😀


3 thoughts on “Road Trip: After Leaving Vertiskos Village

  1. It’s so beautiful there Nessy! I would not leave for sure! Love your photo’s hon. As usual they are stunning! Thanks for sharing this lovely trip. I truly enjoyed. 🙂 *big hugs*

    • Thank you so much dear Sonel! It was also a relaxing day, no pressure, no dramas, it’s just being ourselves and the nature 😀 *big hugs too!*

  2. I loved that thistle photo! Your photographs are always stunning and I always feel like I am right there with you on your journeys. On one of your next journeys, hold up a sign saying “Hi Val”. I would love it! 🙂

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