Boats, Sunset, and Reflections

Wednesday – we went out for a walk at The Marina in Aretsou, Kalamaria. We brought a (dear) friend with us and so Mr. hubby and I weren’t really on a date this time. We have a plan to meet and hang out with our friends this week, to those who are willing to see us only, because next week we don’t know how busy we would be. At around 7.30pm, we were strolling around; chatting, laughing, taking photos, then me still taking photos of what I like. I really love the evening Spring sky color shades. Especially during sunset. Though, the sunset was very short to happen, I managed to sneak a few photos with the boats in the background. Any criticism of my shots would be appreciated. To note, I love playing with color effects in my photos. Did I do a good job in manipulating them? What else am I lacking? Another note. I am using a compact camera Olympus VR-340. 


“When I can look life in the eyes, grown calm and very coldly wise, life will have given me the truth, and taken in exchange – my youth.”
– Sara Teasdale

I took the photo below a few seconds after I took the photo above.  The photo above was manipulated lightly. The one below, this time, I played more with colors blue and making the saturation higher than usual. To me, I love the vibrant yellow here. Or did I put too much?

I enjoyed the image of “togetherness”. The private yachts from afar were unoccupied. Choose from big and bigger only, they were not only owned by Greeks, but by foreigners too.

I did my best to make a BW photo…my favorite part when I turned it into this effect, was the paper-like reflection of the boats and poles in the water.

This photo was mildly manipulated. It is much closer to its original photo than the rest I posted.

This green fishing boat had a very nice owner! I waved at the fisherman and his dog, and the person waved back at me. I asked him if I could take his photo. He nodded with a smile. So on this photo, I played a bit with the green shades because I think it compliments the green boat.

I love the reflection of the poles on the water! I played with bluish-green shades here.

This another photo of the green fishing boat was to show the pole reflections on the water and the fisherman’s boat poles standing – unmoved. Well to be honest, forgive my ignorance for I do not know the exact word for these boat poles. What would you call them?

And check that guy out! Yes, the one dark object hanging on top of a pole. I didn’t realize earlier that he was there. Because I was concentrating on taking the reflection of the poles in the water by playing with the ISO of my compact camera. When I got into my senses, I surprised my companions with a loud laugh.

And after the walk, nothing beats a refreshing night with a cold ice cream!  😀

If this good-warm weather keeps up, I would finally be able to have my first swim on the beach! We are looking forward for it next week. If things go as planned this week first . Let’s see…well until then, see you!


10 thoughts on “Boats, Sunset, and Reflections

  1. I always love your photo’s Nessy and you are doing such a great job with the edits. I am glad you enjoyed and thanks for sharing hon. 🙂 *hugs*

    • Sonel!!! *hugs* You think so? Thank you very much for the compliment. I try hard to take good photographs this time. 🙂

    • Hello hello again! Thanks alot dear. I would love to ride on something like private yachts someday. We’re going to check how much is the charter. Something to look forward to in Summer, 😀

    • Me too, boats and reflections are one of my favorite objects to catch at once, but seldom do I take them. Thank you for visiting Seth. ( Although I love your photos better and your way of processing them! :D)

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