Plants Update: Growing Tall, Aren’t you?

Aren’t they excited to grow? I’ll give it 2 weeks and they will be given as gifts to my friends. ^__^

The two lilies surprised me; they grow quite fast. And it looks like I will have some flowers soon. 🙂 The snapdragons are not behind. I will have to transfer them to bigger pots after Mr. hubby and I move to our love nest. Some are going to go to my friends. Sadly, my purple hyacinth will be missed. I will have to wait for the cold season, for it to recuperate.

I’m not sure which color is this one. I develop a liking to lilies. I think I will get more of their bulbs after our house move. ^__^

Unfortunately, the one on the right was my first attempt on growing Basil. Two of the seedlings died after sprouting. The 2nd pot on the left looks like a success.

Some of its flowers withered. But most of them remained in bloom. Should I cut the withered ones?



How are your plants doing these days?


7 thoughts on “Plants Update: Growing Tall, Aren’t you?

  1. Oooooh, your plants are so lovely! Your sunflowers are really growing nicely! I am so jealous, because the ones we planted are only about an inch high. Since we have those little annoying chippies eating everything, we covered the sunflowers with those plastic creamora bottles to protect them until they get bigger. Thanks for sharing your photographs! Love em!

    • Hello Niki!!! Glad to see you this week on my blog. Yes, it’s growing faster, I can’t wait to see them with flower because I will give them to close friends here. 🙂 Those chippies are annoying though they have to eat too. Would it possible to provide a plate of seeds for them so they won’t go to your plants anymore? I certainly cannot wait to see your plants grow and readyfor harvest! Best of luck there. 🙂

      • I thought of putting out some food for them, but I then thought that I might attract MORE, so I decided against it. I always love visiting your blog as you post the most beautiful photographs of your adventures!

  2. Oh, your plants and flowers are just divine Nessy and I am glad to see they are growing so beautifully! Must be all the love and care you give them. Thanks for sharing these beauties hon. *big hugs*

    • Thank you for the love and care of sunshine and good weather! 😀 Hello hello Sonel dear~Thank you for your wonderful words. Perhaps they grow this fast because I talk to them everyday. I will definitely tell them your wonderful thoughts for them. ^___^ I also found 3 butterflies today but did not manage to take photos of them cos they were quick to go. Glad to see you here, regards there *big hugs*

      • You are very welcome hon and yes, I assume that was what you do because flowers and plants certainly do need that “talking to” hehehe…even if the neighbours think you’re crazy. That’s okay too! LOL! Next time when you see them fluttering around the flowers, mix a little water and suger and spray it on the flowers. They will stay for longer so you can take photo’s. 🙂

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