Back at the Marina

In the town of Kalamaria, there is a place called “The Marina.”  (I have posted few photos on previous blog.)  It is 7 km away from Thessaloniki city. Last Saturday, we visited it again for an early evening walk. As summer approaches, the sun stays longer in the sky. The best hour to walk is before sunset so when you’re already tired from walking, it will also be the time to stop for a rest – a few minutes to witness the sun setting in the horizon. To me, it’s one of the magnificent nature timeline. I could never get tired of it. In my humble opinion, one of the best places in Thessaloniki to witness this everyday phenomena is at The Marina.

Photo below is Me & a friend. Thanks to Mr. Hubby for the photo. ^___^

Ladies viewing the sunset at The Marina, Aretsou-Kalamaria.


After the sunset view, you can go to one of the cafes and bars for evening frappe, beer, or martini. Or choose to have dinner in one of the taverns. 🙂
Us? We went to a gyros restaurant called Solomonidis“. They have recently moved and now located 200 meters away from the original place. As always, I can’t seem to get enough of their gyros! It is a sinful wish but I cannot help myself: if we live in Kalamaria, I would  buy their gyros  everyday. LOL. You must try it too! 😀

Solominidis Gyros. So far my favorite Gyros is from here.


5 thoughts on “Back at the Marina

  1. What a beautiful sight indeed Nessy. Thanks for the lovely photo Mr Hubby and thanks for making me hungry Nessy! grrrr… LOL!

    • 😀 My mind wanders when can I ride one of the big yachts, lol, just once in my life I also want to experience it. Thanks for dropping by~

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