Color of the Day: Yellow

This is part of my Plants Update post. 

Today, a surprising beauty came to sight! From the bulb storage of a flower shop in Filyro – to my little blue pot at the balcony, my yellow lily finally blossomed!

I am recently back  making paper origami using the old magazines at home. I have yet to make origami lilies, and before I start tonight, let me share this video for the interested ones:

Wishing everyone a fun Friday and Weekend! Me and Mr. Hubby will have to attend an Anime Party on Saturday and on Sunday we’ll be going to a Philippine Independence Day Program. Looks like our weekend has been planned and hoping that things go well – despite of the rainy weather! Until then, see you~



4 thoughts on “Color of the Day: Yellow

  1. Absolutely gorgeous Nessy! I love the colour and you’ve captured it so well! Thanks for sharing hon and enjoy your weekend. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Sonel dear, thank you very much, I love the yellow color so much especially now that Summer is on its way, yellow is an inspiring color!

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