Sunday Quote: Memories

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Nice memories have their own scent. Whenever you are veiled in its scent, Your heart can always return to your unforgettable past. Together with your own scenery that will never fade.”

– Quote from BOYS BE Anime –

Indeed. Nice Memories are those that we cherish most. We hold unto them because they brighten our day, move our feelings, and inspire us. Today, I will divide the 3 most important part of my memories: Love, Family, and Friendship. These 3 are ingredients vital to us. I don’t think I can move on without the memories of people I treasure and love in life. I have to use 1 photo only to represent each ingredient.

I chose the photo above because it showed most of the things that reminded me of the “first time” spent with, by now, Mr. Hubby. In the photo though, we weren’t married yet. Let me describe the things you see: (1) On the glass are hanging key chains that were souvenirs from Philippines. They represent the first meeting in person by Mr. Hubby and I. (2) The photo was during our first meeting in person. (3) The photo frame from Sea World was a souvenir we got on his first visit in USA continent. Our first time to meet in this country, too. 🙂

Our love story is a 5-year of Long Distance Relationship (LDR), before we got married. It started in the virtual world. We met online in mIRC  when the internet connection was very slow and no fast video chat like Skype yet in existence. It’s funny that we were both celebrating on something that day we first met. I was celebrating my last day at work and was a bit drunk when I went to the internet cafe, which I frequented a year before. I went to Undernet or was it Dalnet (???) then visited #Japan. I was a frequent visitor of this channel and had friends that I haven’t chatted for a year. I thought I’d see them again once I come back online, instead I met Mr. Hubby. (I have to mention that we are both fans of Anime. Or else we won’t be in #Japan.) Well, we weren’t into private chatting so we made fun of people on the main window of #Japan who asked for ‘eyeball’ or ‘sex chat’ . Of course we thought that we’ve been kicking some a$$. We were young by then, what do you expect from our immature thinking? Hahaha! Then later on, he had the courage to message me in private. We didn’t go to that basic “a/s/l”  questions. We simply started talking! And I remember that it was really fun talking to him. 🙂 We didn’t exchange e-mails on that day. I think it happened the next time we saw each other on #Japan. After that, we had months of friendship worked online. We talked alot on MSN and he taught me more about using messengers properly. We used Yahoo Messenger, which by then was very slow and the video chat system was ancient. VOIP was one of his ways to call me inexpensively.
Our friendship was precious to me. We had fun times, which I didn’t expect I’d get from talking to someone behind the monitor. Sometimes I also asked him to help me with my Physics assignments. Hahaha! As we talked more, I found out that we had more things in common than anyone I’ve known. There were things I shared to him that I couldn’t share to my friends because I was afraid to show that I am different. By the time we realized our feelings for each other, I was still in a relationship. It was very difficult because I couldn’t really tell my boyfriend that I was not in-love with him anymore.  But later on, we had a huge fight, and I think that’s how we ended the relationship. After a few days, I told Mr. Hubby about what happened. I felt guilty how I treated my ex-bf, but I couldn’t deny my true feelings for Mr. Hubby.
We got along for almost 2 years when we decided to see each other in person. So in 2006, he traveled from Greece to Philippines to meet me. At the airport, and with my closest friends, I saw (and touched him) for the first time. It was BLISS. That’s when we found out that we are really in-love and it didn’t matter anymore if we met first on the internet. What matters most was the connection we created; a bond that until now is difficult to break despite our ups and downs in life. The precious memories with Mr. Hubby, before and now, are the ones that made us stronger. Without those memories, we don’t have something to remind us of our present existence, our relationship, our feelings, and most of all – our love. 


The puppy above was no other than my first adopted dog, Koochie. I took her from her mom when she was only a month old. A friend who lived nearby had a dog that gave birth to 9 puppies. He showed me the puppies and the one that was away from the pack and walking on her own, was no other than Koochie. I chose her because she was independent. Koochie made my life meaningful when I was depress living on my own. During that time, it wasn’t long when my 3 young siblings migrated to California. Lonely, and also stressed from my university make-up subjects, Koochie became my therapy. She helped me get through the day, as if I was still taking care of my siblings. I woke up in the morning to make her food, clean her, play with her and talk with her. You can say that without my younger siblings around, I was like a lost puppy. My big brother was still around, but he worked somewhere and seldom come home. Koochie was my loyal companion for  2 years.

I used Koochie’s picture to represent my family memories because through her, I remember my siblings and my family who were away from me during those 2 difficult years. I have loved her like I loved my family. She filled the emptiness I felt inside being away from them. In my heart, Koochie is still here. She is an unforgettable being. Through her, I discover my passion for dogs. Despite the fact that  even though I was bitten by a dog before, I still love dogs as they are the best friend you can – ever – have, when no one is there with you!
My siblings are the most important part of my being. We’ve been through alot of difficulties; been separated by distance, yet, nothing can truly replace their worth in my life. It’s thanks to my mom that I know how to value them.


This photo was myself viewing a part of the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park, San Diego.

The memories I have with old friends in Philippines is nonexchangeable! Newly arrived in another country, you will miss alot of the things you left behind. When this photo was taken, my bestfriend and I were not in speaking terms. I left the country without saying goodbye to her. I was bitter. I basically told the rest of our friends that I was leaving for USA on the day of my flight. Later, I regretted doing those things. I was a very immature person by then.
When Mr. Hubby and I visited Balboa Park in 2008, we set our feet on this Friendship Garden. I couldn’t help myself to reminisce the nicest moments friendship had given me.
Now, 5 years had passed. And Forgiveness melts Regrets. 🙂
To my old friends in Philippines, especially. My memory remembers the old times. And my heart skips whenever  I do.
Thank you for the wonderful world of friendship!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Quote: Memories

  1. Good memories are treasures indeed Nessy! Beautiful memories you have there hon and it seems you and Mr Hubby were soul mates from the start hon. Your love story is quite romantic. 😀

    Yes, friends… something I don’t have much of but I do treasure the ones I do have and forgiveness plays a big part in a relationship like that. We all make mistakes and it’s always better to just forgive and move on. 🙂

    What a cute and adorable furry kid that was Nessy. I’ve always wanted to ask you but kept forgetting… old age… anyways, do you have Gina there with you at home or don’t you have any pets? I’m in a curious mood today ..hahahah

    Thanks for the lovely post and challenge hon. See you in a little while with my link. 😀 *big hugs*

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