Sunday Video: How are you spending your jellybean?

Recently, I have fruitful days spent with people and things that I enjoy alot. I have to admit, I started to be selfish on ‘some’ things. If I look back, I have been thinking more about others, than myself. I thought this would be helpful, but as you can see, I lost sight of myself if I keep pleasing people. I just turned 31 this year and I told myself “I have enough!”

Yes I have enough to mind so much about others. Even my relatives and siblings moved on without minding me that much, so why can’t I do this, too? Childhood and youth friends also moved on, and I saw that I’m left with the memories – not present, but old ones. I decided that I will move on in my own pace. I still care. I still love. I still value them. But I will have to love and give more importance to myself than anyone else. And if there is someone else I would care second to myself , that is my husband. I will never forget that in order not to lose others, I shall not lose myself first. This time, I will gather more jellybean for myself, not that of others. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sunday Video: How are you spending your jellybean?

  1. Lovely video Nessy and I totally agree with you on this one and yes, others move on and go on with their lives without minding the ones that was part of their lives once and why shouldn’t you? Yes, love them and care for them but think of yourself and the love in your life first before thinking of them. They do the same, so why shouldn’t you and you will not be selfish to think of yourself first. What would it help to go through life always trying to please others and you’re not happy? How can you make someone else happy if you’re not happy? Life is short and we should make time for ourselves too and enjoy what’s left of it. Great post and have a happy Sunday hon. *big hugs*

    • Wise words dear Sonel, thank you for sharing your own thoughts and words of wisdom . I really appreciate it very much when someone tells me what they think and since I am still young, the words of those older than me matters to help me mature. Thank you, thank you! :***

      • Thank you for thinking so dear Nessy and you are welcome hon. Those are just thoughts that came from my experiences in life and how I learned to cope, especially where people were concerned. Sometimes I wish I was young again but with the wisdom I have today. Who knows what would have happened? LOL! Thank you for the lovely words and for being so appreciative hon. Most young ones nowadays don’t care about us older one’s wisdom as they think they know everything and we are too old to know anything..hehehehe. It’s lovely people like you that do make it in life and give us hope for a brighter future. 😀 *big hugs*

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