Summer Rendezvous: Nea Irakleia

Living close to Halkidiki in Central Macedonia of Northern Greece, makes you a lucky person – for in summer, the beach areas there are known for its natural beauty and clear blue water. I live in Thessaloniki. The 2nd largest city of Greece and named after Alexander the Great’ sister. Thessaloniki is the starting point to go to Halkidiki; a 3-finger shaped peninsula which in Greek is called “Tri-ya Podh-ya”. Halkidiki is also known in other language as “Chalkidiki.”

My first summer swim 2013 started in the 1st leg of Halkidiki, in a town called “Nea Irakleia.” From Thessaloniki, it is less than 30km away. It has an open sea view but to reach the beach area, you have to pass through Aghios Pavlos. You will first enjoy the view of olive tree farms and vineyards. Then upon reaching the swimming area, don’t get surprise that it’s under developed. But this is what people like about Nea Irakleia beaches. They seem to be so far from civilization and it has the natural atmosphere what Greece beaches look like in the past before its development.


In Nea Irakleia, you will find raw Greek beaches. There were few bars and restaurants along the seashore that offer sunbeds plus umbrellas when you buy drinks. The price of drinks is “kanoniki”, meaning normal. If you want total privacy, you can hide behind the rocks and be undisturbed for hours. I have to note that there are no rules against vendors here. So if you are sitting on seabeds, expect to be awaken/disturbed by the passing vendors. That’s why it’s better to stay inside the water to avoid them. So far and thankfully, in my 4 years in Greece, I never heard any report of stealing on the beach in Halkidiki. But I definitely want to avoid the vendors because they’re persistent and would even cut off your conversation with your companions to be able to sell their products. Other than that, Nea Irakleia can be a good place to enjoy a daily excursion, but not a favorable place to stay for weeks (for me and Mr. Hubby.) In my opinion, I like the beaches here, because it has a long shallow swimming area. If I am a parent, I would feel safe sitting on the sunbed, drinking frappe or pineapple juice with ease, while my kids play in the water by themselves. Considering my kids are 7 years old and above. The sand here consists of relatively small pebbles but the swimming area has fine sand texture. No big rocks, to avoid slipping or hit injuries. I say thumbs up for safety.  Rating:  6 out of 10 (10 as highest) All photos were taken in June 18, 2013. Ok, not officially Summer but it felt like one! 😀

MY LUNCH: Strawberries and Cherries are great summer fruits (as well as berries), to fight against skin cancer. Their season is almost over, so I am taking advantage of their bounty ’till they last!

More Summer pictures this season! So how are you going to spend your summer this year?


14 thoughts on “Summer Rendezvous: Nea Irakleia

  1. That is a stunning beach Nessy and you’ve captured it so well! I love it hon and I can see you’ve enjoyed it there very much. Yes, I won’t like those vendors bother me either. It’s the same here when you drive around. They’re all over the place. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photo’s hon!
    *big hugs*

    • Sonel, oh my I have to admit that I was so excited to swim. I swam and swam far ahead only to keep walking on shallow water, ahahaha! It felt like a kilometer long of shallowness (but approximately it was like 200 m only). When I finally found the water on my shoulder , I was so happy! It’s been a long time since I last swim in the ocean, it was great experience. And only in Greece I learned to swim. You can call me a “hungry fish”, only that I’m not eating seaweeds , hahaha! Thank you for visiting me again Sonel. *big hugs*

      • Oh, I am so glad to hear sweetness. I would stay there forever too as I also love swimming.
        LOL! Well, seaweed is good for you so you won’t get sick..hahaha. Enjoy little mermaid and have fun! *big hugs*

  2. I came across Nea Iraklia, by accident, I loved it so much that I bought a small house by the sea, just outside the village. Just completed on the property last week. Everyone is so friendly, relaxed and willing to help.

    • Hi Elizabeth! It is indeed a beautiful place, small but I love the natural beach area there. Still so many trees and some hidden beaches 🙂 I cannot wait for summer to come again!

  3. I loved your piece of ‘Nea Irakleia’ Very little is written about this lovely little seaside village, despite it has a beautiful church, a chemist, a butchers, 2 mini-markets, several cafes, 2 tabacs, a bakery and several tavernas (one on the beach) I have just purchased a small property in Nea Irakleia, 150m from the sea. I am finding it difficult to stay focused in the UK as all I can think about is my little house and when I can next visit.

    • I am sorry to say you will probably be sorely disappointed the next time you come back .Take a look at this : It seem that the ugly side of civilisation has finally caught up with our lovely little sea side village. In the near future we can expect all kinds of horrible buildings,noise and devastation of Nature. My family has had a summer house in Nea Iraklia for 35 years, and I am sad to say that our happy,simple,nature-loving days there are coming to an end . It seems that Nea Iraklia is going to be raped by the lust for money, like most of Halkidiki.

      • I am sad to learn this. Nea Iraklia will eventually lose its appeal and what happens next is that the new generation will get use to this noisy tourism style of living, which I don’t prefer honestly. If there is anything else can be done to stop this, I wonder how and what can be done. But as there are problems, there are solutions, too. I hope the people of Nea Iraklia will take actions to prevent its destruction.

      • Hi Everyone,
        I knew about the future urbanization. Before I purchased my lawyer made it clear that the Government would take a piece of the land to the front of the house and a slither to the rear. I was so out of my comfort zone, it seemed a bit scary that you could buy a house with ‘no address’ the improvements I will make to the house will take into account moving the wall inwards by 1m to extend the dirt track into a serviceable road. I am keeping my fingers crossed that any development will remain in character with the surrounding area. I will of course support the community that I hope will ‘adopt’ me and my family when we visit. We plan to return in April 14 with a shopping trip to Ikea, if we can hire a van, otherwise we will be sleeping on the floor?

        Yes, you are right with problems come solutions

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