What’s Pink in Summer?

Today  my post is about the colors of Summer. It’s not only about the clear blue sky and the blue green ocean. Summer is fun and the bright colors is taking its place everywhere we go. Let me introduce Pink. Pink at the seashore, pink on chairs, and pink in beach toys!

(June 22, 2013 – another beach day to Halkidiki! This time our destination was Nea Flogita. The place near it  “Plagia” used to be one of the childhood vacation places of Mr. Hubby. But Nea Flogita is a newly developed area. The bars here are also new  and they’re nicely decorated. The photos below were taken on same day during our early evening stroll. )

Pink for umbrellas!

Pink plastic beach chairs. A picture taken with the olive tree.

Pink Flower Trees at the park.

Pink chairs in a cafe.

Pink water float.

The advertisement below is a beach bar-restaurant travel ad. It says that they have a tourist bus service waiting in Thessaloniki City from Monday to Saturday. For only 10€, you will be picked up from 3 designated bus stops. The payment also include 1 drink (coffee or soda) when you get to Pastazi beach bar.

Something pink on a bar-restaurant advertisement.

Pastazi Pick Up Schedule:

Monday – Friday: 11:00 – White Tower / 11:10 – Nea Egnatia @ Katsimidi / 11:20 – Nea Egnatia @ Boulgari
Saturday: 10:00 – White Tower / 10:10 – Nea Egnatia @ Katsimidis / 10:20 – Nea Egnatia @ Boulgari

Bus will return to Thessaloniki at 7 pm.


4 thoughts on “What’s Pink in Summer?

  1. Pink in summer is a cool colour indeed Nessy and you’ve captured a lovely summer indeed. I can’t wait for ours! Enjoy the water little mermaid. 😀 *big hugs*

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