Sunday Quote: Sweet / Sweetness

Sunday Quote: Sweet / Sweetness

What is Sweet to you? How is Sweetness defined? Is it through the taste of our palate? Or can it also be felt by our heart? How will you picture a “sweet thing”? 


(Every Sunday Sonel and I post quotes of specific theme. You can share an inspiring quote ( or quotes ) through Poetry, Videos, Music, Pictures, and Stories. Just don’t forget to share your link to me! You can post-comment it below. If you want to join next Sunday, the theme is – A SIMPLE LIFE.)


A SWEET MUSIC from Brian Crain’s “Andante Cantabile” with one of my favorite Cellist -YuJeong Lee

Basically I love the tune of this song because it makes me go back to sweet memories of my childhood and moments with my forever love. I can imagine the images; those 1-second captured images inside my head as they danced gracefully, like ballerinas in their tutus! Tip-toeing, gliding, turning, and splitting in a motion similar to how you make a luscious, saccharine chocolate! The motion of life’s sweetness.
Those sweet memories of being a child, being loved by people you trust, spending time with old friends whom I haven’t seen for 5 plus years, the first heartbeat of being in-love, the memory of meeting my first pet, the feeling of happiness when my family was together and happy, most especially those sweet little things done by Mr. Hubby in his own way – like his first composed music for me; left me a sweet feeling that until now still lingers.

Cherished sweet moments. These are my thoughts as I listen to this song. And day after day, there is sweetness in life. Like when my first yellow lily bloomed. The day I found my tree “Alexandra” with her first stem out in light. The first time Yuki brought back a ball to me. The first butterfly spring I saw. The viewing of first Summer Full Moon at the balcony with Mr. Hubby. The first trip to Mt. Olympus. The first “I love You” that comes out of Mr. Hubby’s lips  everyday. He gives me sweet chill when he smiles as he offers my morning coffee, and the careless yet gentle whispers of love – those tiny gestures and words – were what I look for everyday of our life together. I have to remember everytime I am in WP , that I write a post and made it this far because of Mr. Hubby. I created this blog because of him and I just celebrated my 2-year stay in WP! 😀 I hope to make more sweet memories with him!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Quote: Sweet / Sweetness

  1. What a lovely post indeed Nessy and congrats on your 2 year anniversary with WP. 😀
    Love the quote and photo hon, as well as the video. Absolutely beautiful! 🙂
    You will have to excuse me this week though as I am not feeling too well and didn’t have much time taking photo’s or making anything. Maybe next week. 😀 *hugs*

    • Hello dear Sonel. I have been busy moving out from my in-laws and have been looking for jobs so I wasn’t able to post anything last week. I will try to make up this week, dear. For now, I’ll reserve the next topic from this post on coming Sunday. Wishing you a nice summer! Let’s keep in touch. Hugs & Kisses~

      • Hi there hon. I was wondering what happened as I had my post ready and waiting..LOL! But it’s really no problem and do understand completely. Have you found a nice house? Job hunting isn’t easy as well indeed and I wish you all of the best hon. 😀
        Summer is still a little while from us and we only have our spring in September, so I am waiting. Luckily our winter wasn’t so cold this year..still a bit chilly but bearable. 😀
        Take care hon and keep in touch as well. 🙂 *big hugs*

      • It’s been a hectic week but we managed somehow to move out without moving furniture. We’re still looking for our own place, so for now a good friend of ours offered her place to stay for a few months. Finding summer job is not as easy as I thought, hahaha. People are going to islands these days and city is not full as it usually is.
        Yes yes of course, I almost forgot that our places have different season from yours. I have to be honest I really miss summer, we had a long winter you see, and I am glad it’s over. Though my favorite season is Autumn 😀
        I will see you ’round dear Sonel. Have to go. Regards to Simba!!!!

      • I am very glad to hear that hon and yes, it’s no fun living with other people, especially family. I don’t know if you enjoyed it but I sure didn’t. We had to live with my mom and stepdad and their brats for quite a while a few years ago when hubby lost his job and I hated it. I was so glad when he found a job and we could move. You would think that most families are eager to help, but not if you have the kind of family I have. 🙂

        Don’t worry, here it’s the same hon. Jobs are very scarce here too as is the salaries. They don’t pay much for working your butt off and that is why hubby refuse that I go and work. Not that we can afford it but if I have to add up what it’s going to cost me to go and work, it’s much cheaper staying at home for sure. 😀

        My favourite season is Autumn too. 😀 See you around hon and take care. *hugs*

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