B is for “Beach Scenery”

It’s been awhile (again) since I last wrote something on WP. I am glad to be back, I swear. So today I decided to join an alphabet challenge by Frizztext. I found it on AngelineM’s blog. Today’s Tuesday challenge is about the letter “B”. And I chose BEACH.

“The Beach was a Scorching Furnace, under the sun, slowly cooking the people on it, as they tried (and failed) to get a tan.”

(I would love to share beach view photos that I’ve taken from Nea Kallikrateia, Halkidiki last June 28. Under the scorching heat, it’s not only people that came to the beach, but also cute creatures! )

Our sunbed neighbor from Komotini, brought along their Rottweiler pup and while they were gone, I played with him.

Children tourists having fun!

Children tourists, playing at the beach.

Beach People.

Beach Sunbeds.

More beach sunbeds, where Mr. Hubby and I stayed.

Playtime at the beach!

Family at the Beach: Grandma, Grandpa, Grandson

Family at the beach: Mother and Daughter

People and Dogs at the beach

And here’s a song for summer lovin’ people!!!

Original Video Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBmTGlUmgpg&feature=share&list=LLOW-O987Ht_h5FAHqh643hQ


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