Sunday Quote: A Simple Life!

“A simple life,” is the theme of last week’s Sunday Quote Post. Sonel joined me, too! Check out her post [here]. I was carried away from our urgent move to the city center of Thessaloniki thus I lost track of the week, forgetting my Sunday remedy – that is, create my Sunday quote post. It’s funny that I keep thinking how simple it is to be human – provide your basic needs and you’ll be fine, but in terms of moving and transferring residence WAS NEVER-EVER simple! It’s almost 2 weeks we’re at our new place, BUT it’s still taking awhile for me to get use to things here. I am trying to be more positive, as giving up is not in my vocabulary and my favorite quote is “patience is a virtue”, has never left my side yet. So here’s my Sunday remedy favorite quote – also my way of uplifting my spirit! Well, I am having coffee now, sitting like an Indian on a stool (with missing bonfire), and Nelly, the cat of a friend is staring at me from below the kitchen table. Ahahaha! Well, life is simple – let’s start it with a warm morning coffee first!

“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

 I would also love to share some of the recent posts of my co-WP bloggers that portray life’s simplicity!

“Life is Love” – says Wiley, one of the awesome dogs I met in WP!

Three White Fluffies’ Simple Daily Life – by Jack, Joy, and Mimi

Meet Mr. Bowie and his daily rumblings!

A Haiku about Simplicty @ Source of Inspiration

Check today’s Travel Theme post: Simplicity by Chronicles of Illusion

How simple could it get to Embed Youtube Videos on your blog! A simple instruction from Sonel

Simply write it: “Don’t think, just write!” by Cristian Mihai

So how would you define a Simple Life?

(Every Sunday, you can also share an inspiring quote ( or quotes ) through Poetry, Videos, Music, Pictures, and Stories. This week is about “A Simple Life.” Please comment below your post link so everyone can see it, too!)


10 thoughts on “Sunday Quote: A Simple Life!

  1. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and I’m having my first espresso of the day (with dark chocolate of course!). Life can be simple, life can be good… Enjoy the rest of the day.

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  3. Great to see you here again Nessy and you are right, moving from one place to another is never simple or easy. I hope you’ve settled in by now and just hang in there hon. One of these days you and your hubby will have your own little place you can call home and you will be very happy. 😀

    Your quote and photo is just so beautiful and so true as well. Life is made up of so many little things that are more precious than all those “big things” that are sometimes to unnecessary. 🙂

    Thank you as well for the trackback and lovely mention of my blog hon. Much appreciated. You are the sweetest indeed! 😀

    Here is my entry for today :

    Have a lovely day hon! 😀 *big hugs*

    • Sonel it’s so good to see you, too! I am managing here dear. Me and mr. hubby. Alot of things happened and we made a big decision that instant moment and so here we are. Not particularly on our own, but living by ourselves, and most importantly decidingfor our own sake. It felt great – and it’s tough also. But we’re closer to human civilization now (LOL), and we have easier access to everything basic needs. I am thankful for the person who helped us in our darkest time. I cannot believe that an angel would come in rescue. It’s ironic that in a strange world we are living in, strangers can be angels. 😀
      No matter what, I am loving my new life and my optimism never ceases! WordPress is also my humble home in worldwideweb.
      I’m so glad to have met you and once again, to listen to your encouraging words. I think you are a great counselor. And also once again, thank you for joining and sharing quotes! 😀 See you more from now on, Sonel dear.

      • Same here hon and yes, making big decisions like that is never easy but I know you and your hubby will make it. Yes, in my life I was also always amazed at the help we got from strangers and not family and it should be the other way around but it’s not. If I have a choice I would rather choose help from strangers and not family for sure. I am thankful as well for the stranger that helped you and hubby hon and I am glad you are closer to everything you need. As long as you and hubby are happy, what does it matter what anyone else thinks? All that matters are the two of you, what you think and your love will survive it all hon.

        You keep that optimism going hon and I am glad that I met you as well hon. You are a sweet, caring and loving soul and deserves the best in life. Thank you for hosting your lovely challenge as you know I do love quotes and playing around with my photo’s. I am glad we are going to see more of each other again. 😀 Have a fun day hon!
        *big hugs and kisses* xxx

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