There’s Always Something New!

A set of those sweet NEW things in my life recently~

Meet Nelly – the ever curious cat of the house! 

Friday Market Day: Nelly, checking out the things I bought from grocery store and road market day. She was particularly interested with the fresh corn I got for 1€ per 4 pieces. I bought 8 pieces ^__^

The Hands of a Friend

A friend’s hands. This was taken while we were at the beach one Sunday. This friend is the one we are living with right now. Someone that accepted our presence, even for a little while. An Angel in Disguise. Truly, my heart (still) can’t believe that she helped us during our greatest time of trouble. Her name is Elena.

A NEW Pink Favorite! I will find this type of cactus, too! 

A Friend’s Cactus, flowered after almost 40 days of very little water. She was told by a cactus planter that in order for cactus to bear a flower, before Summer water it very little – or almost none at all. You can water it regularly for 2 weeks before you proceed to the 30 – 40 days procedure. If you water a cactus regularly, it will grow big and tall. If irregularly, the cactus is pushed to produce new sprouts or it will sprout flower itself. This is the simplest explanation I could get. But hey, it works on this type of cactus and look at the PINK BEAUTY out in the light! Unfortunately, this flower lasted 24 hours only. The next day, we found it withered. Thankfully before that happened, I took alot of photos for my friend. 😀

A place we hang out during our afternoon walks

From where we live now, we are close to the next town in the city – Kalamaria. We are also 5 – 8 minutes away from the seaside of Thermaikos Gulf. Mr. Hubby and I found this spot in Kalamaria – an old fisherman’s harbor with Ouzeri. We come here often, since aside from being close, it’s a short walk and my right foot which is hurting these past 3 weeks can bare to walk the distance. Here, the rugged look of a traditional fisherman’s port  and to listen to the gentle flow of the water, is relaxing. To add more, I think it’s a great spot to observe the changing sky colors. If you walk more inside, where hidden house-apartments are located, you can see the views of the 2 bottom photos. (More is coming up in separate blog post.)


2 thoughts on “There’s Always Something New!

  1. Awwww Nessy! Nelly is just absolutely adorable! Maybe she likes corn…heheh. I know I do! 😀
    Such a stunning shot of Elena’s hands Nessy and I love her nails! Please give her my thanks as well for being such an angel hon. Yes, earth-angels like her as scarce hon. She sounds like an awesome friend. 😀
    Wow! That cactus flower is absolutely stunning Nessy and I am also glad you took photo’s of it!
    I think it’s great that you are so close to the sea now hon. I bet you and Mr Hubby enjoys it very much to go for walks there. Love the photo’s! It’s beautiful there! 😀
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photo’s Nessy and have a beautiful day hon. This side we are trying to get a rat/mouse out from under the cabin at the washbasin in the kitchen..LOL! I hate rats and hope it’s a mouse. Now I’m tired… been cleaning as well…now I am more tired just because I talked about it. 😆 *big hugs*

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