An Old Fisherman’s Harbor in the City

Kalamaria – a progressive town in Thessaloniki city. We live so close to it now that during late afternoon walks, Mr. Hubby and I pass to its beginning and we will stop to this almost-hidden fisherman’s area. I never expected it to be this close to city vicinity. The daily fresh catch were probably for the traditional Ouzeri & Restaurant close by.


PHOTO SET 1: Taken around 7pm.

Such an old bridge…


 If you walk ahead, passing the expensive apartments in the shore, you will reach this place.


Captured Moment of the Mistress and her Dog


A View of the Traditional Ouzeri & Restaurant from afar.


Evening Summer Moment


PHOTO SET 2: These were taken on a separate day. Around 8pm.


Old Bridges.






6 thoughts on “An Old Fisherman’s Harbor in the City

    • Hello Will! But I have to admit the watermarks were there for an intended purpose. LOL. Thank you for your visit~

  1. Oh, it’s so beautiful there Nessy. I am sure you and hubby enjoy walking down there. You took some stunning shots again hon. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

    • I would love to take the dogs with me for a walk, too. The big one Gina would love sitting and watching the sunset, as we used to do so in the past in the mountain, but since our move out, I haven’t seen the 2 dogs. I miss them… Hope your little man there is doing fine. The weather is so hot here that it’s better to go out after 7pm, lol
      Thanks for dropping by Sonel dear. Lots of Kisses!

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