A Friend’s Place

Visiting a friend’s place every summer will be full of wonders. This year, the plants she bought from IKEA last Spring  had grown. Some were flowers, some where herbs. I love the summery colors in her balcony garden, and they were accessorized with bead arts from Poland! 😀

Herbs in IKEA colorful pots!

Pea Flower.

Sunflower from IKEA seeds.

A sensational garden smell came from this White Beauty.

A Blue Catterpillar, lurking between the branches of Bougainvillea. I hardly recognized it was there, until I got closer.

A Zebra relaxing on my friend’s Bougainvillea branches.

One of the plants daily companions…a Lady Bug who is always on guard!

A view from Her balcony window. While we were waiting for the Summer Sunset.


2 thoughts on “A Friend’s Place

  1. Wow! Some stunning flowers Nessy! Love the little beaded critters she has there visiting the flowers. Absolutely beautiful and as usual you took excellent shots! Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Hahah Sonel my friend asked me to find the beaded critters, and she hid them very well! 😀 Thank you for the visit and, I would love to visit you again and check your flower posts soon. Hugs hugs hugs

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