Beach in Sepia

I made some editing of my beach photos recently and this time I thought I’d use one theme, Sepia. Let me know what you think of them and any advice would be appreciated. 😀

(The photos were all taken this year during a beach day at Nea Kallikrateia, Halkidiki.)

I increased the contrast on this photo.

Children tourist, probably went on a trip to Greece from their school- were having a great time in the water. I watched them run back and forth towards the water, screaming and laughing as they altogether splashed. How long has it been since I saw this in person? 😀 Oh youth, how precious you are!

On this one, I increased the lightness and sharpness. I noticed the change in the sky. It became more lighter, too. So I played with contrast and sharpness.

Children going out of the shore after a group splash. 

I cannot remember what I did on this one. But I think I like more the Sepia style I did on it.

More children from afar. Also tourists. 

I love this photo, capturing family’s activity is one of my favorite scenery. I played the Sepia style here, and honestly, I don’t think I did good editing to it. So any tips and advice would be great! 😀

A Mother and her Children. I saw these 3 on our ‘after swim’ walk. 

6 thoughts on “Beach in Sepia

    • Thank you Nikie! Sorry I have been busy again so I rarely turn on my computer. I hope next week I could put up more of my Summer photos. I have a plan featuring Northern Greece for Summer holidays and I have been working on the research for a week and a half. Hope it goes well. I am so excited to write again! 😀 See you again :***

      • Oh I know exactly what you’re going through as for being busy. Like just the other day I thought to myself, “man I wish I had more time to blog”, but don’t. It’s ok to step back and enjoy like for awhile, people will still be blogging when you get back! LOL Just glad to hear that you’re doing well.

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