Part 1: A Village not to be Missed in Halkidiki

Warning: I may be bias here. Because I haven’t been everywhere in Halkidiki. But I also did some research and read reviews of tourists and tourist’s websites online to come to this conclusion: that so far, among the places I came in contact with Halkidiki, Afitos is the most quaint and picturesque village in 1st leg (Kassandra) Halkidiki.

My first summer in Greece, was in Afitos. Mr. Hubby , who introduced me to it, fell in-love with this place not because of its beach sand. Not because it is modern , it is not at all actually. Not because it is big and busy. Not because it has a warm water. Nor because it celebrates a fancy night life for tourists.

The beach area isn’t big at all, nor the village’s town. But it has something to do about feeling at home, be able to relax quietly, and walk around to see what a quaint town should be like even if you’re not in Rhodos or Crete. Then while being away from me for 5 years, he would tell me that this place, as much as he loves it, can also make him sad. Because he missed me more whenever he went there alone. I didn’t quite understand what he meant, until I arrived in Northern Greece and spent my first summer here. We are both attach to classic, quaint, and simple fancy things. A romantic like us would love to come and spend our honeymoon in Afitos. It’s not only us who wanted to do this – for there are many occasions that we saw a wedding held in the vicinity. It is a village of quaintness, uniqueness, and romance.

June 25, 2013. Relaxing under the shade – Afitos.

Located in 1st leg (Kassandra) of Halkidki and 40 – 50 minutes away from Thessaloniki City, Afitos is not that very far for a daily excursion.  The entrance to the village will introduce you to “what is traditional” in Greece. Ok Northern Greece if I may say it specifically. The village is blessed with luxurious view of the Toroneos Gulf, which occupies the first and second leg of Halkidiki. There are many narrow roads made of cobble stones. The houses are well-maintained by the residents, made of a certain type of mud. In your walk around, you will see that they look similar. Although there are some houses which were built differently from these traditional ones. Even if they weren’t, they suited the village-tradition image of the Greeks. They are one of the highlights of this village. The more you walk, the more you will find interesting things about Afitos.

May 21, 2009: My first photo of Afitos, as we were entering it As you go further in, you will notice more of this similar stone-built houses.

(NOTE:I will make a separate entry for the houses & buildings surrounding Afitos.) Each houses have balconies and since it’s summer, the scenery could be similar to Plaka, Athens. With a lush of summer flowers hanging from the balcony. More likely an image of a Mediterranean household in Greece. A few meters away from the town’s church, (also unique because it is the only domed basilica in Halkidiki), you can walk down to the seashore of Toroneos Gulf. The water in Afitos is mostly warm the whole summer and less wavy because of its geographical location. There are few beach bars along the shore, which you will appreciate. Also, there are no vendors here that disturb you even while you’re talking to your companions or worst- while sleeping. Though sometimes, a guy that sells “lokomades”, a simple and plain donut in Greece, can be heard as the only voice louder than anyone else. He doesn’t pass by all the time, though. 

For now, I will post the photos I took of Afitos this year. (My 5th Summer in Greece!) Mr. Hubby and I visited it in June 25, 2013. In near future, I will put up more blog entries about this place, especially my old photo collection for the past years.

Hope you are enjoying Summer 2013!

Our neighbor(s) on the left.

And our neighbor(s) on the right! You see the green and stone background? Above is the village’s area of food and other entertainment activities.

These sunbeds were used for FREE that day. The beach bar in this area of the shore hadn’t open yet. Though there was a guy monitoring the umbrellas, closing and opening it for the people.

FACTS: (1) Sunbeds in 1st leg of Halkidiki are free to use as long as you buy a drink from the bar.  (2) Frappe costs 3,50€ to 4€ (2) You can definitely bring other food with you!

A Summer hair accessory. Without my eyeglasses on, it looked like a spider, that’s why I used the camera’s zoom to see what it was exactly. I felt silly later.

What toys do you have at the beach? You can bring small and HUGE ones! You can even drive them everywhere. 😀

A big beach bar from afar. They also play nice music. International, too!

Not so much of a crowd in the water. Mostly tourists.

So you want to rinse off that salt?

What is your favorite summer color? I choose ORANGE! 😀

May 21, 2009 first photo of Afitos beach. SO orange, so SuMmEr!

~Not the End Yet. Please look forward to more beach photos from Greece.~
TA LEME!  See you!


6 thoughts on “Part 1: A Village not to be Missed in Halkidiki

  1. Oh wow Nessy! As usual you blow me away with your stunning shots and description of all these beautiful places in Greece! Now that is where I would love to go to as well but I will chase away all the tourists..hee hee.
    LOL! I would have thought that was a spider as well. Good thing it wasn’t. Can you imagine if it was? hahahahaha
    Thanks for sharing this beauty again hon. Loved it! 😀 *big hugs*

    • I don’t think they will be chased away and with Little Man’s presence, he will be the one chasing away the tourists who are not having a fun time, hahaha! Thank you dear Sonel. Would love you to come here, tell me when 😀 Summer is something to look forward to, for you and your family! *big hugs*

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  3. I think I was briefly in Afitos on a visit we made to Chalkidiki 21 years ago. We stayed at a little spot called Polychrono and travelled around the peninsula as much as we could with our 2 year old who’d made a good friend in the village. It was a good holiday. One of many in Greece. 🙂

    • It’s great to know you’ve been there 😀 So far it is my favorite village in 1st leg of the peninsula. When you plan to come back here again, please let me know. 😀

  4. Afitos… It is my favourite village in Kassandra, too! It is so beautiful and tranquil, with all stone-paved roads and stone-walls… It looks like it is anciently built! I also love all the narrow streets with beautiful stores, bars with live music every night and, of course, the street that overlooks to the beach with all fish-taverns. I would recommend to visit Koutsomilos (follow the street behind the church), or Fortouna (at the end of the main street), which both have infinite view to the sea and, if lucky, you can watch dolphins playing around! Afitos is one of the few villages in Halkidiki that doesn’t look abandoned during winter and you will always find people walking around and places to eat or drink!

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