Part 2: A Village Not to be Missed in Halkidiki

After a 4-hour stay at the beach, we passed through the back of Punda Beach Bar to return to our car. We were about to go back to the village center and walk on areas we haven’t ventured from the past visits.

{All photos were taken in June 25, 2013}

Beside Punda beach bar is this house. I really love the blue windows and table set. The red geranium pot and bougainvillea crawling above, complimented the style of the stone house.

Before the beach parking area, one will see this restaurant.

What’s beside the pizzeria restaurant is this bluish-gray architecture. It is selling traditional Greek sweets.

Across the pizzeria, is its dining area. Located along the shore.

A Vase of Pinkness

The Signs. You can laugh about it. 😀

Buying at a Kiosk in Afitos Village.

Gazing at the “Yellows”

Lush of Purple. Bougainvillea is a common flower decoration in Afitos. Aside from Geraniums and Pansies. This Bougainvillea on the road is an outdoor decor of an apartment-for-rent.

Lush of Bougainvillea 2. As we continued our walk towards the seashore direction, we passed through some narrow streets. This is one of my favorite wall decor scenery in Afitos. 😀

The simple pleasures in life – to live honest, to have a kind heart, to be flexible, and to see the beauty of others.

Summer Colors. I found this outside in one of the apartments. I think of : Happiness (Cat), Soul (Brown candle holder), Life (Blue candle holder), Humor (Prince Frog), and Relationships We Build with Others (Blue Fish with its Bones.)

Please look forward for more set of 2013 Afitos Photos! Wishing you all a Fun Summer!
TA LEME. See you!

7 thoughts on “Part 2: A Village Not to be Missed in Halkidiki

  1. It’s so beautiful there Nessy and you made it more beautiful with your gorgeous shots! Love the house with the blue shutters! So adorable! And the bougainvilleas are beautiful! I love them! Thanks for sharing hon and for the lovely tour. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Sonel dear, thank you for your compliments. I have finally put up a bit about my favorite sea-village in Northern Greece! On my write-list, there are more coming up. I am glad you think the bougainvilleas are beautiful, in summer, they are at their best here. 😀 *big hugs*

      • You are very welcome hon and I am glad you did. I just love bougainvilleas. They are stunning flowers. 😀

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