Beach Day: Kalogria in Sithonia

My 5th summer in Northern Greece is once again being spent in Halkidiki (also known as Chalkidiki.) Halkidiki is a peninsula in Northern Greece, northeastern Aegean Sea. It is made up of 3 peninsulas that are called in different ways: “Trident”, “Three Fingers”, or “Three Legs”. The most commonly used in Greece are “three fingers” and “three legs”. The 1st finger is called, “Kassandra”, where I was spending my 4 years of summer. The 3rd finger is an autonomous region because it is considered a sacred place“Mt. Athos or Agion Oros”. This post  will talk a little bit about the 2nd leg.

Our daily excursion was changed this year. Mr. Hubby and I, together with our super gas-saving own car (yes we finally got one this year!), have been travelling to 2nd leg often. Geographically known as Sithonia, the 2nd finger of Halkidiki is a beautiful peninsula, where pine trees meet the shorelines. The nature scenery here is thick lush green, a different island look from other islands in Greece. Though, in some places, it reminded me of Skopelos island – where we had our island get-away last year. This experience will be saved for another entry. 🙂

As you enter the peninsula, meet a scenery of olive groves that are as wide as far as your eyes can see. Compare to the 1st leg, Kassandra, which has a mix scenery of olive groves, vineyards (Macedonian Wine Road is located here), sunflowers, and vegetable field – the 2nd leg will turn your eyes to the olive farm scenery. The famous “Sithonia Honeys” are also made here. The day we came for a swim, we were back to Kalogria – a town in Sithonia where we used to hang out with Mr. Hubby’s bestfriend. Its coast is part of Akti Koviou (Koviou Coast.) This year we came back to revive the good times we had with his bestfriend, who is now living in Sweden. Basically, this post is actually dedicated to her! 😀

Beach Day at Makednos Hotel beach bar, Kalogria
{All photos were taken in June 20, 2013}

A view of Makednos Hotel swimming pool. 

We got here by accident. We were trying to find the road going to “Mango Bar”,but we ended up entering a different one where we found 2 beach bars (Isla & Makednos hotel.) We chose the road going downhill (to Makednos hotel.) We stayed on its beach bar and had a great time swimming, relaxing, and walking of our yet “another typical summer life!” 😀

There was a water sport rental shop nearby, so we often see people riding these yellow-painted machines. They also do island hopping using it. Toroneos Gulf covers half part of the 1st leg Halkidiki and the other half of 2nd leg. {Map Here}
Afitos is part of Toroneos Gulf.

Scene at Coast Koviou.

Below are photos during our walk.

Sunbeds or no sunbeds, one can enjoy the day – you have the view of pine trees behind, then the rocks scattered around. And importantly, the blue water to swim in!

The rocky view from where the beach bar is. Mountain and Ocean meet. That is Halkidiki. It is a never-dry-looking place!

Sunbeds or beach beds here are not for free. Unlike in 1st leg of Halkidiki where beach bars let you use their sun beds if you buy their drinks, while here in Sithonia it’s unlikely. In Makednos hotel, a pair of sunbeds costs 4€. The drinks are paid separately. Frappe was 4€. They offer decaffeinated, which Mr. Hubby prefers after 3pm. It is alright if you don’t buy their drinks. The sunbeds price varies by location. Later, we learned that in Lagomandra, it is 5€.

What remained after the children left.

The beach bar we were at from afar.

Part of our walk was to discover the other side of the coast – the rocky area.

Going through the rocks.

The Circle of: The Lord of the Rocks.

Walking towards the other side of the shore…

What’s behind the other side? An empty area, full of huge white pebbles. This scene reminded me of Skopelos and Alonissos islands.

When we returned to our sun beds, the rest of my companion rested, while I kept walking towards the opposite side of the coast – going to my right. Here, the rocks were much bigger. I will post the photos on next entry. The photos below were views from the hill.

From my right side view.

From the hill view: The rockier area of the coast starts on the right side, so I will be walking a bit later to check it out. 🙂

Kalogria Location on Halkidiki Map. Come and visit it, too!

TA LEME! See you!

9 thoughts on “Beach Day: Kalogria in Sithonia

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  2. Paradise indeed Nessy! And you’ve captured it so beautifully. It looks like pictures from a catalogue! Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Wow, that’s quite a compliment, Sonel. Although I am using a simple compact camera only. Glad you liked them, kisses and big hugs!

      • It’s not what you use. It’s how you use it hon and you’re doing a great job! Love them! 😀

    • Thanks for the heads up Sonel! :**** I really love what I’m doing and it’s on my future list to learn photography and get my own professional camera. So many beauties to capture in life! You also inspired me through your blog. And your many tutorials posted there 😀

      • I am very glad you do hon and by the look of your gorgeous shots you won’t say that you don’t have a professional camera. They are truly stunning! 😀
        Oh, that is a fact for sure. There are truly so many beautiful things in life to capture and they make great memories. 😀

        I am very glad to hear that sweetness and thanks for the lovely compliment. I am glad you find the tutorials useful. 😀 *big hugs*

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