Sunday Quote: Goals

It’s Sunday and it’s time for a relaxing day! I need this since Mr. Huby & I have been busy for the whole week – and I say, non-stop. We finally found a flat of our own, signed the contract, went shopping for 2 days to find the basic things we need when we live there (and we need to drive around to survey which ones are cheaper than the other) , cleaned the place on our own, prepared the furniture to be transferred by movers next week, and thankful that my in-laws finally helped us. We have set our goals this year to be on our own, and it is working good, so far. We are pursuing our next goal and hopeful that by the end of Summer, we’ll be able to achieve it. Wish us luck! 😀

A shot of Mount Olympus in May 2013. We couldn’t reach the icy top, but we reached the mountain’s last stop over.
It was our goal to visit it together. This year it happened. Our next goal is “stargazing” in this Godly sanctuary.

The frequent visitors of Thermaikos Gulf in Kalamaria’s “The Marina”, are living with humans through catching fish everyday.

Four years ago, I came to Greece. I experienced the different stages of life and marriage life here. Sometimes I tell myself to give up. Then I have to remind myself of the reasons why I married this guy. I eventually made a goal that no matter what happens I want to live a long life with Mr. Hubby.  Worries and problems are still in the way; whether we succeed in our marriage life or not is up to us. No one can predict exactly the situation so here’s one lesson I picked up from  UP Pixar movie: What matters most are the moments in between.


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3 thoughts on “Sunday Quote: Goals

  1. Great quotes and shots as usual Nessy. I believe when you set your goals and believe you can do it, it will happen. I am glad you and Mr. Hubby found a place of your own hon. Be happy and loved. 😀 *big hugs*

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