Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Street Art in Ano Poli

I am participating in this week’s “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows” by “The Day After: Musings of a Wannabe  Photographer.” The photos below were taken in July 25, 2012 – when I wondered on my own at the ancient Acropolis of Thessaloniki. Now the area is a town called “Ano Poli.” Here, you will see alot of traditional houses of Thessaloniki. A mix of Jewish, Turkish, and Greek-style houses are everywhere. Some were kept in good condition, some were fully abandoned. And in between them were modern houses. Abandoned houses attract many street artists. As you will see below.

Broken window panes. Look below what a street artist did.

He painted the walls of the abandoned house.

Street arts like this, I enjoy looking. But I have to say that vandalism in Thessaloniki is rampant. At some point years ago, someone painted the historic wall of  the city’s icon – the White Tower. The “Paraliya”,  the seashore of Thermaikos Gulf, is relatively new, but look what it looks like now; graffiti here, graffiti there. From the vandals of football teams in Greece to vandals of foreigners hating Greece or Greeks hating the government — these property offenders has nothing good to contribute to this country, but just simply dirtying it.

This used to be the bathroom of a demolished house.

And if you want to see normal windows, yes, this is an example. 🙂 An old house in Ano Poli.

If you want to participate on this weekly activity, check it out!

TA LEME! See You!
~ Nessy ~


12 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Street Art in Ano Poli

  1. That derelict window has a certain charm, though graffiti is technically wrong, the graffiti on the abandoned house has character too. But to me, the next piece of graffiti is not at all artistic. Well seen windows. I look forward to your next weeks windows

  2. I love murals and these are stunning shots as usual Nessy! Great entry for the challenge hon. 😀
    Have a great weekend and take care. *hugs*

    • Thank you dear Sonel. I still have some more but I want to save some for future posts. 🙂 Wishing you also a great weekend with family and friends. *big hugs*

  3. My favorite part of the city! How many times did i take long walks up there! 😀 I need to make a post with my collection of photos from Ano Poli too!

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