Coffee Watch: Insights in Modern Education

{Disregard that this video was sponsored by Ericsson.}

I was thinking at first that this video is just another video about influencing the world to use the internet through mobile, Ericsson. But I got hooked, without noticing it. I had a chat before with Mr. hubby regarding the modern educational system. I told him that I think teachers should change their teaching strategies. Be tech-informed, especially. Because children of this generation don’t function well with the old school system of “books and notebooks” like we were taugh in the 90’s.


“It’s the teacher’s job to point young minds towards the right kind of question. A teacher doesn’t need to give answers, because answers are everywhere. And we know now from years of measurements that learners who find the answers for themselves retain it better than if they’re told the answer.”
-Sugata Mitra

“Everyday is a surprise. Learning prepares you to cope with the surprises, education prepares you to cope with certainty, there is no certainty.”
– Stephen Heppel

“I wasn’t a great fit or the system wasn’t a great fit for me. It’s kind of crazy when you think about it. That we take  all these children and we force them to try to adapt to this really complex bureaucracy system, the system should adapt to them.
–  Jose Ferreira

“Education has been very, very slow to look at data, to look at numbers, to look at analysis, and what’s actually happening. We measure a test here, and exam there, but the details of what’s happening we don’t really have. And that will be, fore sure, the next important thing in our pockets, the ability to analyze where we are. “
– Stephen Heppel

“No one I know takes standardized tests for a living. So why are we using standardized tests to see if you are going to be good when we don’t have standardized tests after you take it.”
– Seth Godin

{MY SCHOOL LIFE RUMBLINGS} Beware, too much rumbling of the past!

I will admit that I remember my elementary and HS days like Martial Law. A teacher is viewed as someone who is strict and her/his rules should be followed. You’d be lucky to find someone who is comfortable, but firm. You’d also be happy if you get your own books. Because during my time, the law says that all student in Public schools should be given free books  – BUT OF COURSE, that wasn’t the case at my school. I learned later on that in countryside public schools, they were properly provided with books, than us who were in the city. I think it was a propaganda of government officials to cater more to the needs of provincial people, than us who were in the city. It was the era of “provincial development”. Yeah, and that means forgetting the needs of children in the city? Then much later on, they even tried to compare the grades and test scores of countryside kids to city kids. They were so proud to say that countryside kids scored higher than city kids. I was like, yeah right – because we got the torn pages of the books, shared with 2 or 3 children; sometimes 4 children. Then my aunt who was a teacher in an Elementary school told me that because city kids are spoon-fed so much and countryside kids are more likely to aim higher because when they are bored all they do is study and they study the hard way, that’s why they scored high. I say – I am a city kid and I also study hard, but why do I have to pay, using my allowance, to buy photocopied materials of the pages of the books we need everyday? So I say, countryside kids are more spoon-fed than us, because they don’t have to pay their books anymore. They have it new every year. What’s the point of  paying taxes if all those books can only go to them? Why do we city kids are going to suffer for their sake?

But of course, those were just my rebelled thoughts. I was never able to tell anyone about them.

I remember my teachers always telling you what to do. “That this is the right way.” And when you voiced your out-of-this-world thoughts, they even humiliate you. You’re so different, so you’re weird; and being weird doesn’t suit you to be their student. “Being different” was not in our teachers’ dictionary. The word “favoritism” was also rampant. Those who were children  of the faculties were well received by the teachers. So much expectation for them, too. If you’re quiet, you’re regarded as “good student.” If you got higher grades, the attention was on you. Those who were below, were given less attention. Their other talents weren’t even recognized. Teachers picked out the best in school festivals to present the class. If you have high grades – expect to participate in almost everything. I guess with 30+ students 5x a week, worn them out that they were lazy to do an audition who is going to participate. No? Yeah?
I also remember that in my school, teachers’ attention can easily be bought if you impress them aside from having good grades, but also by being quiet in class the whole time, if you’re a religious note taker, if you’re not late or absent, if you’re dressed well, if you’re pretty or handsome — all in all, school was about who will be the teacher’s favorite and your future according to the teacher’s wish and plan. Some teachers even said upfront that “you’re my favorite if…” and something like, ” why can’t all of you be like [name of student] ?” I do not know why they have to say these to young people. Isn’t it not only unfair , but also horrible? I think these teachers should NOT have been teachers to start with. That’s why, in my school, I don’t think we had a progressive education system. It was still based from the old system where everything else were based on systematic rules. You know what – children’s development are not as equal as others. Comparing a slow learner to a fast learner student doesn’t help. Some students are good in certain aspects; some are achievers on something else. At this point, I realized that I am glad I have no contacts especially with my HS teachers. I find them a bore and unfair. They were selfish and self-righteous people that asked for Nazi-style respect, when they don’t really deserve them. Though, I will exempt 2 or 3 teachers who were encouraging and genuinely understanding.

BUT I will say the best part of being a student – being with co-students that don’t care about the system and we’re doing whatever we want! I cannot forget those times. We were free in our own way, and the teachers can’t do anything about it. 😉



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