Sunday Quote: Focus & Conscience

Today Sunday Quote topic is FOCUS & CONSCIENCE. You can choose any of the two.
{I put up another Focus topic for anyone that missed the post last Sunday. Enjoy Sharing!}

Join me every Sunday, for a different Quote Topic.  Sonel joined today! 😀
You can share an inspiring quote ( or quotes ) through Poetry, Videos, Music, Pictures, and Stories. Just don’t forget to share your link to me! You can post-comment it below. If you want to join next Sunday our theme is INNOCENCE .

There are many distractions surrounding us. From the time we get up, we hear the sound of passing cars or a motorcycle just starting up, but we do not mind. When we get to work and the traffic irritates us, we either ignore by distracting ourself with a nice music on the radio. These distractions in life, tiny they can be, we can make it part of us in a positive & negative way. We choose how to deal with them so we can go back in focus.

Do you have a conscience? Some call it their “inner voice.” Some say it’s their soul talking to them. Conscience is a mirror of our innermost thoughts. It’s something we also feel when dealing with people & circumstances. Is it right or wrong? Is it logical or not? How will the other person feel if I do this? Do you have it in you to feel guilty and know when not to? Life is full of mystery, but we have all these senses to determine what others feel. Do you have it in you?

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Sunday!
~Nessy ~


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