A Word a Week Challenge: Square

[Photos below are all from 2011]

March. Texture on a Tree.

What’s inside a Square? A Cat and a Pot.

What’s inside this Polish Square, I wonder…

Polish Chocolates from our dear friend, “K”! 😀

Shape made of Steel in Thessaloniki center.

Squares to Play. This was taken during a June 2011 demonstration. Mr. Hubby & I attended the parade from the White Tower going to the streets of Thessaloniki. We were protesting against the increase in tax and political corruption in Greece. It was our first time o do this together, so it was somewhat stress-relieving. Thankfully, no men-in-black to throw gases and fire at us. Well, on this one, not yet. A few days later we heard in the news about them disrupting demonstrations by throwing bottles with fires and gases to the demonstrators. It was horrible scene. So we didn’t go to any demonstration after hearing that. Though, we figured out that the government was doing it so people will stop demonstrating on the street. Speaking of “no conscience pigs” and “democracy.” Where did the system originated by the way? I bet the ancient philosophers are crying just looking at what the people of this country had become.

What’s inside a Square? The protesters’ message to the Greek government and EU legislators. Almost 2 years after the start of the recession, it finally struck down in the world and in EU zone, it was said that Greece was the guinea pig how it will work.

A Building Site at the Train Station of Thessaloniki city. Funny, how these graffiti made me smile.

Syntagma Square – Hellenic Parliament in Athens. It was designed by Friedrich von Gärtner and was completed in 1843. It served as a royal palace for Greek Monarchs until 1924. It became the house of parliament in 1929. You can see the “Tomb of Unknown Soldier”, and there is an hourly change of guard who are dressed in “Foustanella – Tsolias” , said  to guard it. During my 2-hour walk in center of Athens, I couldn’t miss to pass by here. It’s the icon of this nation’s governance. It’s also the icon of its fall. A reminder to people what the politicians did in the past to put this country in the EU zone, as well as how it put its people in greater debt. Well the debt made by politicians actually, not by the people. 

Inside a small Square in Meteora. Meteora: where the hanging monasteries of Northern Greece are located. I visited it for the first time in early October 2011 with the Filipino community in Thessaloniki.


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5 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Square

  1. I just found your blog and I am so glad I did. I grew up in Greece and it is so great to see pictures from there. I hope to go back some day. I went to school at ACS and lived in Halandri and played in Kifissia, plaka. I lived on Pangrati street for the first four yours downtown Athens but had firends in Neo Makri, the base, kifissia and Halandri. I miss it very very much. I would love to follow your blog but couldn’t find the button to push to allow me to follow it.

    • Yasas Lisa! I live in Thessaloniki city but I’ve been to Athens 3 times. When I stayed in Kolonaki area, that’s the only time I toured Plaka and didn’t miss a chance to check out the Acropolis. It’s good to meet someone who knows Greece, I am married to a Greek and living here for 4 years already. It’s a maze for me, hahaha!
      Ah about the follow button, I guessed you meant the follow me button for e-mail notification, right? I added it a few days ago, thanks for letting me know I’m missing that one here, 🙂

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