Travel Theme: Hidden

This collection are photos from 2010 to present.  Since I cannot make  posts for each of them, so Weekly Photo Challenges in WP really helps a lot to show some of them in one post. If you want to join this challenge, check out  Ailsa‘s hide-out! And I wish everyone a nice Thursday! 🙂

What’s hidden, and what’s being revealed?

One of the remaining monasteries in Meteora. They were hidden on top of a mountain without staircase in 11th century. The windows were used as ‘kind of like an elevator’ by the monks.

Located in the region of Thessaly of Northern Greece, the remaining 6 monasteries of Meteora as of this day are listed under UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Meteora means “suspended in the air”. It was in early October 2011 that I ventured in this breath-taking place.

A Monastery on top of Peneas Valley in Thessaly. There used to be 24 of them, now only 6 remain. Four of them can be visited. Staircase were built in later centuries  to access the monasteries, but one needs a lot of walking and passing through man-made caves. What’s hidden inside this sanctuary include bones of monks and other Byzantine artifacts.

Kassandra, Halkidiki. Somewhere in Moudania, we found a cliff that had a hidden swimming area. We spent one summer day here.

A late Spring walk inside the forest of Filyro. Someone put up a volleyball net on the trees. 😀

In Vourvourou beach, there are many rocks that make up the bays. Huge rocks are being used to hide from the scorching heat or to put up tents.

A green tent between the rocks in Kavourotripes. Just like Vourvourou, the rocks here are also huge but it’s more popular for campers.This area in Sithonia used to be known as “hidden paradise”, but when we came over this summer, it was very noisy due to a beach bar called Orange Beach. The whole area is not as peaceful as it used to be but you can still enjoy a long walk; jumping and hopping from rock to rock. You will find more “hidden” things around. The scenery here is still great and we loved the sunset view.

What’s a mini-cooper doing inside the forest of Thermi Park?

At the Cafe area of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. Hidden inside is a child of someone during the ancient Roman era.

Expect these small alleys to be everywhere on a Greek island. This was during our vacation in 2012 in Skopelos and from there, we took a travel boat to Alonissos island; only to find more hidden alleys of shops and stores.


A candle shop, found in a hidden alley of Alonissos island.

Dark cloulds hid the sun from us, and to think we just arrived 2 hours before in Afitos! So we have to run quickly that day, but I was  too quick to take this “before the rain” scenery.

Mr. Duck hiding behind a tree, until it saw me taking its photo. It stood up, disturbed by my presence and looked at me intensely. Probably wondering “Who’s this stalker? She should have warned me so I could have prepared a great pose!”

At Lagomandra. One of my favorite places in Sithonia, Halkidiki. Here, pine trees and seashore meet. Hidden by a short terrain, from afar, I could see the summer umbrellas of my fellow beach lovers. A little bit of walk and my feet can touch the ocean!



8 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Hidden

  1. Oh God, i really need to visit Meteora…I keep forgetting that this place is actually in Greece! Nice collection of photos! I see some familiar places from Halkidiki 🙂

    • Thank you very much dear Sonel! *hugs* Sorry that on Sunday I am not sure if I am able to go online cos we have no net at home, so I am at a friend’s place. I hope to come around next week…already missing WP readings! Take care and wishing you a very nice Sonel :***

      • You’re welcome hon and sorry to hear that. Glad you have a friend that can help with the internet and hope you get settled soon. Wishing you a lovely week. Take care. 😀 *big hugs*

      • Dear, we’re back in using the wifi from where we live, but it’s temporary. Our own connection will be available in Oct. 3. I hate being impatient, but I have to, hahaha! I am just glad that I could still check the net and post in WP once in awhile. Thanks for dropping by. *hugs and kisses*

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