Sunday Quote: Innocence

Today Sunday Quote topic is INNOCENCE.

Join me every Sunday, for a different Quote Topic.  
You can share an inspiring quote ( or quotes ) through Poetry, Videos, Music, Pictures, and Stories. Just don’t forget to share your link to me! You can post-comment it below. If you want to join next Sunday our theme is WINDOW / WINDOW PANES.

Here is a Music Video that I love until now!

Wishing Everyone a Very Nice Sunday!
I have to post this today because I will be gone on Sunday and until we have our internet back.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Quote: Innocence

  1. So beautiful Nessy. Sorry I missed out on this Sunday’s quote. I am struggling with sinus-migraines again and feeling a bit better today. I nearly forgot about my own Split-toning challenge too and had to quickly get it ready this morning. 😆 I will make a point of it to get my post ready for next week. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

    • HI dear Sonel! It looks like the weather got you. Same here, it’s getting to Autumn and we had heavy rain fall. Since we just moved and we’re still busy finding stable work, I haven’t prepared the wardrobe for the chilly season. I am feeling itchy throat and it’s a sign for me to be careful when going out. This has been another crazy week, I really really hope we all feel better soon. I wish you Get Well Soon and see you ’round. I really appreciate you comin’ by here, miss your posts, too! *hugs*

      • It sure did hon. Sneezing and sinus. 😆 but never mind all the aches and pains. It’s always great to see your lovely posts and I am sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well too. Lots of water and Vit. C for you young lady and feel better soon. Take care. 😀 *big hugs*

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