Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

New challenge from the Daily Post is Here.

I captured some of the things which were inside of something; one was taken inside a bus, another from a wood park, and then also one being saved from endangerment.  They weren’t edited because I am in a hurry to make this post, due to lack of internet at our new place, we have to use net from cafes and etc places around.  I can say, today we’ve been running around – from library whose staffs are on strike, to a small cafe bar near where we live. Well, how is everyone? I hope to be able to join more challenges this week…

It’s a pity to see beautiful creatures trapped in cages; sometimes you want to cry.

This is a photo of a beautiful bird inside Platanakia Park in Panorama town. Anyone knows what is it? It’s a pity to see this beauty being caged…

This is a beautiful bird that was saved from injury. During my volunteer days in Action for Wildlife organization.

This was taken inside a bus I took to go back to Filyro. Someone vandalized and it says, ” Shit to the Government.” I am sorry to say, but I agree.

Hope to see you, Ta leme!



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