Alphabet Photo Challenge: “L” is for Lake Kerkini

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{All photos were taken on November 25, 2012}


My Lake Kerkini Postcard. I tried to create an Autumn mood here, if you think this is good, let me know. If not, help me criticize by commenting below. Thank you!

Last Winter, I went on trip with one of the Filipino organizations in Northern Greece. One of our destinations was Lake Kerkini. It is located in the prefecture of Serres, Macedonia region.  From the town of Serres, it is  35-40 km away; 100 km from Thessaloniki city, and 50 km from the border of Bulgaria. It is surrounded by the mountains of Belles & Mavrovouni. The river where the lake is situated, is called “Strymonas / Struma River.” The lake has a pear-shape and is one of the most important wetlands in Europe. As the season changes every year, the migrating birds come and go, too. There are 300 species of birds found on the lake. More info here.

The Cafe in Lake Kerkini is called “To Xilino”. Meaning “The Wooden” Cafe. We took a 30-min rest from our long journey here. The warm chocolate drink was a great warm up before going for a boat ride. 

The lake tour boats, “Plaves”. Fishermen are also the drivers. They are very chatty and will give you a lot of insights about the lake. It is wise to bring a translator on your trip.

Lake Kerkini was created in 1932 with the construction of a dam in the river Strymonas, in the northwest part of the valley of Serres near Lithotopos village, as well as the construction of a large bank on the eastern side of the area and a smaller one on the west to protect the settlement of Kerkini. The aim behind the creation of the lake was to halt the floods of the Strymonas, restrain the sedimentary materials and irrigate the valley of Serres.” – Kerkini Lake Website

Pelicans in early Winter. And friendly ones, too. These creatures tend to maintain their beautiful feature even in a gloomy weather. 


A fisherman with the friendly Pelicans. Well, friendly with a purpose. The fisherman, knowing that we were coming, put on a show for us.

The fishermen continuously fed the Pelicans surrounding him. It was fun looking at them so I took some quick shots. I edited this one.

A group of migrating birds on top of a rock. I find them cute together: colors of black and white , size small and big! They all share the same rock

Lake Kerkini is famous around Europe for “bird watching” activity. Check their website HERE.

Slim Reflections in Water. The gloomy weather created a good atmosphere for the reflection of Reedbeds I was imagining of floating bodies during our ride. *shake my head*

During this time of year, the water level on the lake is at its minimum. The water will soon rise and it will cover a 15 km area.

Ashore: More Pelicans surrounding a fisherman’s boat. 🙂

From afar, a flock of sheep and goats were arriving on the shore.

Commonest thing to do at Lake Kerkini: Fishing.

The dam that controls the irrigation of the water  opens and closes each season. The lake’s water is said to be renewed 13 times a year.

Early Winter @ Lake Kerkini.

Reflection #2.

On our return to the shore, a flock of migrating birds swirled in front of us. It was a mesmerizing sight.

On our way back to our tour bus, we were met by this scene. A horse and 2 dogs. They look like they were talking to each other. The dogs were actually helping the horse which direction to go.

Another activity to do while you’re at Lake Kerkini is horse riding.

My Postcard #2 of Lake Kerkini.

I have a tendency to forget to talk about the few places I’ve been to in Greece, so having this regular weekly challenges in WordPress was a great way to share experiences, especially the photos I took. They may not be great, plus I do not use a DSLR camera ( I use a compact camera – my red baby Olympus VR-340), so on gloomy days  in Autumn and Winter it is hard to capture the atmosphere in fine details. Despite of this, I enjoyed having my red baby around, wherever I go, she goes. You will never know what to find and capture along the way. 🙂 I am thankful to my co-bloggers that exert their effort to think of several blog topics where fellow WPs bloggers can join in. I am looking forward for more! I will appreciate invites to join those I haven’t joined yet. 

Autumn is coming! Though I hate the cold season, Autumn is my favorite. So many things to see and go around again in Northern Greece.



12 thoughts on “Alphabet Photo Challenge: “L” is for Lake Kerkini

  1. Looks like you had lots of fun there Nessy. You’ve portrayed Autumn very well and I am crazy about your first shot. It’s absolutely gorgeous! 😀

      • Pixlr sure if fun indeed Nessy. I love it too. 😀
        Oh, I would not say no at all. Thanks for the offer and for wanting to share it with me hon. You are so sweet. 😀

      • Will do, I will have to find your e-mail and I am still learning where to find that in Wp hahaha, please wait a bit dear Sonel 😀

    • You were right, it could be more beautiful! But somehow, it was a quaint place. I enjoyed my time there, although I wish I know more Greek so I have understood everything what the fisherman tour guide had said, hahaha!

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