A Word a Week Challenge: Mistake

From {A Word in Your Ear} – “This week the dictionary has fallen open at the word MISTAKE.  We all have photos that seem ok when we take them but when downloaded, we spot something wrong with it.   So this week we are going to have some fun and the challenge is to show a photo that something is wrong with.”

After finding this post from my Reader, I didn’t think twice to join. I know I got some of those photography mistakes, and all I need is to find them! In 15 minutes, I found 4 that I remembered. Who can spot the mistake in 1 second?  😀

SPECIES IDENTITY CRISIS: I have included this photo before in my previous post

A car that I found one summer day at the beach.

Booboo the Cat: “What’s “Happy” in Happy New Year”???”

I love Greek Feta! But who’s in the box???



5 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Mistake

  1. LOL! Always great to visit your blog and get a smile on my face Nessy. What a cute Feta kitty. 😆
    Great post and photo’s hon and thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

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