Crete Products in Thessaloniki City

I passed by Plateia Aristotelous last Tuesday and these were my findings in Venizelous Square – people preparing for Products of Crete Exhibition. This annual market activity is until Sunday (October 13)  in Thessaloniki city. The photos were taken past 7pm and most of the Cretan businessmen just finished putting up their market stalls. I stole some photos while waiting for my companion to arrive. 🙂


Traditional Products of Crete by Giorgos Kakoulakis. He’s selling olive products.



A market stall of Honey Products from Crete. I asked my husband what the stall name meant and he said “peppermint.” Or it could be a wordplay, too. This is where I got a free honey tester  from the woman. 

Crete Honey products of Ioannis Nikiforakis. I asked this guy if I could take his photo, instead he offered me to have a taste of his “ρακόμελο” (rakomelo). Rakomelo is a mix of “raki” and honey (“meli” in Greek) with an addition of spices like cinnamon or other herbs. It is my most favorite traditional drink in Greece. You can drink it warm or cold and during cold season, it is helpful for my sore throat. 
After I had a taste of Mr. Ioannis’ rakomelo, he let me take his photo. 

I found a recipe from a co-WP blogger!

More Honey market stall! I couldn’t get a tester on this one because it’s full of people.

“Παξιμάδια” (paksimadhia) is a traditional Cretan bread made of barley rusks. For more recipes, click HERE



You shouldn’t miss the cheese stall! I tried one with a cheese name I cannot even pronounce, hahaha! 



Cretan Wines from Lilikakis Vineyard. 



During that time, this is the busiest stall. Everyone was trying the free sesame nut bar also known as “Pasteli”. I, of course, wouldn’t miss this chance. I have to say, it taste very good. Different from the local Pasteli we buy in Thessaloniki’s supermarket. “Pasteli” is a Greek traditional sesame-honey snack bar. It is also mixed with almonds and nuts.

So if you are around the corner of Plateia Aristotelous, don’t miss out this opportunity to get a hold of the many Cretan Products! See yah !!!


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