Friday is “Laiki” Day: Chalkidikis-Petrou Sindhika-Delfon

– ‘Laiki’ is a Greek term for Farmers’ Market. 

There’s a large farmers’ market happening in Chalkidikis (Χαλκιδικής) road and Petrou Sindhika every Friday. I sometimes go if I haven’t gone to the Monday farmers’ market in Faliro.

In the midst of the cold Autumn breeze, the strong sunlight helped so I could forget that for 2 days, it had been cloudy, windy, and gloomy! Friday was an excellent day! It was really nice to finally be out and I didn’t mind a bit of tan on my face. 🙂

Despite not taking photos of what I bought, I did take souvenir shots from one of the farmers’ flower market where I am planning to buy plants for the house in the near future. So far, this person has better product prices than anyone else there. I found another flower stall, but only the cacti have good deals. So…what day do you go to Farmers’ Market? 🙂


What was on my market list? I bought some fresh eggs, 1 dozen for 2€ (I always buy from this guy so I got 12 eggs for 2€ from his 0.17€ / piece of medium eggs); our week supply of potatoes for 0.50€ / kilo; 6 pieces of red and juicy tomatoes for 1€ / kilo, 5 pieces of onions for 0.40€ (1 kilo is 0.75€) ; fresh oranges from somewhere in Northern Greece for 1.40€ / kilo and  I bought 2 kilos; Greek spinach for 0.25€ a bunch; succulent mandarins for 1€ / kilo; and surprisingly, I found very good bananas for 1€ / kilo! What good deals I found instead of buying from big chain supermarkets that advertise they have better quality and cheaper fruits and vegetables. I went home happy, of course! ^___^

I can’t remember the name of this purple-pink-violet flowers, but I would love them to be in pots!

Two roads away from where I live, I enjoyed a sunny Autumn Farmers’ Market Day shopping and walking. I find shopping there relaxing, despite farmers shouting here & there to advertise their products.  It reminded me of going to “wet markets” in Iloilo City, Philippines. However, in Greece it’s cleaner and there’s not much of the bad fish-meat smell. This is the place where I can practice my long-forgotten haggling technique! Hahaha! I also find it fun to come there because of occasional events, such as the sellers frequently asking me where I’m from, which doesn’t surprise me much anymore. Most of the time, before I could answer, they have made their guesses.
“Are you from China?” , is the #1 question. Next guesses: “Vietnam? Thailand? Indonesia? Philippines?”
“Yes, I am definitely from the Philippines.”

After knowing my race, many of the sellers became interested in my culture, so they started asking about my language. The funniest question I got was when they asked me to say/write something in Chinese. And I told them that the Philippines’ alphabet is not the Chinese but the English alphabet.
Most of them were like, “Oooh, really? But aren’t you also Chinese? Don’t you understand it? You know, you’re from Asia.”
I was dumbfounded at first, but later Mr. Hubby told me that the assumption was not to offend me, because the previous Greek generation have this thinking that Asians are Chinese only. Kind of like in the UK; Asians there are Indians.

Can I Jump on them?!?

I have developed a habit to converse with the sellers. I love talking to them! Usually, after I corrected them about what they ‘thought was right’ about Filipinos & Chinese, I would spend 3-5 minutes with them. By the end of the quick chat, I would have extra pieces of tomato, eggplant, apple, pear, mandarin, and the best so far I can remember? One guy with his daughter gave me 4 pieces more of corn! Then there’s another one who sold corn but he’s blind. He gives me 2 extra corns every time I buy from him. Aren’t they sweet? ^____^

I also give the sellers the chance to share their knowledge of other places. I have to say “bravo!” to them, because they all know that Manila is the capital of the Philippines and it is located on Luzon island. And politically, they know about our ex-Presidents: Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquino, and her husband Ninoy Aquino. The more knowledgeable ones talk more about the 2nd woman President, Arroyo Macapagal and that she’s in big trouble now. Some knew about Joseph Estrada who was jailed few years ago, and I filled them in with the latest news that he won the election and he’s now Mayor of Manila. They were not surprised anymore. Most of them openly expressed their opinions that it’s not good to have an ex-convict politician back in politics, and that, they were right about it and this one as well: “Politics are the same everywhere.” 

These tropical-style plants are my favorite. I would love to buy some next time. 🙂

How do you spend your Farmers’ Market Day? Do you also haggle? 😉

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2 thoughts on “Friday is “Laiki” Day: Chalkidikis-Petrou Sindhika-Delfon

  1. 🙂 Nice! i’ve been there quite a few times when i was still living in Thessaloniki! I never bought anything from Laiki though, i hate shopping…hahaha…I had to force myself to go to super markets and buy the necessary things to live :p

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