Alphabet Photo Challenge: “I” is for ISLA!

It’s a new week and I am joining again Frizztext’s challenge! It’s the letter “I” this time. Because it is summer, let me introduce a summer place in Northern Greece. It is called, “ISLA.” It is the name of a beach bar in 2nd leg, Sithonia, of Halkidiki. Located in the shore or coast of Kalogria, “Isla” is one of the newly discovered places we found this year in Halkidiki.  It is next to Makednos Hotel beach bar.

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Rocks on the Beach

{This post is a continuation of my previous post about Kalogria.}

“Geologists have a saying – rocks remember.”
– Neil Armstrong

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Beach Day: Kalogria in Sithonia

My 5th summer in Northern Greece is once again being spent in Halkidiki (also known as Chalkidiki.) Halkidiki is a peninsula in Northern Greece, northeastern Aegean Sea. It is made up of 3 peninsulas that are called in different ways: “Trident”, “Three Fingers”, or “Three Legs”. The most commonly used in Greece are “three fingers” and “three legs”. The 1st finger is called, “Kassandra”, where I was spending my 4 years of summer. The 3rd finger is an autonomous region because it is considered a sacred place“Mt. Athos or Agion Oros”. This post  will talk a little bit about the 2nd leg.

Our daily excursion was changed this year. Mr. Hubby and I, together with our super gas-saving own car (yes we finally got one this year!), have been travelling to 2nd leg often. Geographically known as Sithonia, the 2nd finger of Halkidiki is a beautiful peninsula, where pine trees meet the shorelines. The nature scenery here is thick lush green, a different island look from other islands in Greece. Though, in some places, it reminded me of Skopelos island – where we had our island get-away last year. This experience will be saved for another entry. 🙂

As you enter the peninsula, meet a scenery of olive groves that are as wide as far as your eyes can see. Compare to the 1st leg, Kassandra, which has a mix scenery of olive groves, vineyards (Macedonian Wine Road is located here), sunflowers, and vegetable field – the 2nd leg will turn your eyes to the olive farm scenery. The famous “Sithonia Honeys” are also made here. The day we came for a swim, we were back to Kalogria – a town in Sithonia where we used to hang out with Mr. Hubby’s bestfriend. Its coast is part of Akti Koviou (Koviou Coast.) This year we came back to revive the good times we had with his bestfriend, who is now living in Sweden. Basically, this post is actually dedicated to her! 😀

Beach Day at Makednos Hotel beach bar, Kalogria
{All photos were taken in June 20, 2013}

A view of Makednos Hotel swimming pool. 

We got here by accident. We were trying to find the road going to “Mango Bar”,but we ended up entering a different one where we found 2 beach bars (Isla & Makednos hotel.) We chose the road going downhill (to Makednos hotel.) We stayed on its beach bar and had a great time swimming, relaxing, and walking of our yet “another typical summer life!” 😀 Continue reading

Part 1: A Village not to be Missed in Halkidiki

Warning: I may be bias here. Because I haven’t been everywhere in Halkidiki. But I also did some research and read reviews of tourists and tourist’s websites online to come to this conclusion: that so far, among the places I came in contact with Halkidiki, Afitos is the most quaint and picturesque village in 1st leg (Kassandra) Halkidiki.

My first summer in Greece, was in Afitos. Mr. Hubby , who introduced me to it, fell in-love with this place not because of its beach sand. Not because it is modern , it is not at all actually. Not because it is big and busy. Not because it has a warm water. Nor because it celebrates a fancy night life for tourists.

The beach area isn’t big at all, nor the village’s town. But it has something to do about feeling at home, be able to relax quietly, and walk around to see what a quaint town should be like even if you’re not in Rhodos or Crete. Then while being away from me for 5 years, he would tell me that this place, as much as he loves it, can also make him sad. Because he missed me more whenever he went there alone. I didn’t quite understand what he meant, until I arrived in Northern Greece and spent my first summer here. We are both attach to classic, quaint, and simple fancy things. A romantic like us would love to come and spend our honeymoon in Afitos. It’s not only us who wanted to do this – for there are many occasions that we saw a wedding held in the vicinity. It is a village of quaintness, uniqueness, and romance.

June 25, 2013. Relaxing under the shade – Afitos.

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Beach in Sepia

I made some editing of my beach photos recently and this time I thought I’d use one theme, Sepia. Let me know what you think of them and any advice would be appreciated. 😀

(The photos were all taken this year during a beach day at Nea Kallikrateia, Halkidiki.)

I increased the contrast on this photo.

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An Old Fisherman’s Harbor in the City

Kalamaria – a progressive town in Thessaloniki city. We live so close to it now that during late afternoon walks, Mr. Hubby and I pass to its beginning and we will stop to this almost-hidden fisherman’s area. I never expected it to be this close to city vicinity. The daily fresh catch were probably for the traditional Ouzeri & Restaurant close by.


PHOTO SET 1: Taken around 7pm.

Such an old bridge…

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B is for “Beach Scenery”

It’s been awhile (again) since I last wrote something on WP. I am glad to be back, I swear. So today I decided to join an alphabet challenge by Frizztext. I found it on AngelineM’s blog. Today’s Tuesday challenge is about the letter “B”. And I chose BEACH.

“The Beach was a Scorching Furnace, under the sun, slowly cooking the people on it, as they tried (and failed) to get a tan.”

(I would love to share beach view photos that I’ve taken from Nea Kallikrateia, Halkidiki last June 28. Under the scorching heat, it’s not only people that came to the beach, but also cute creatures! )

Our sunbed neighbor from Komotini, brought along their Rottweiler pup and while they were gone, I played with him.

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