Sunday Quote: Autumn

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I made this video using my own photos in dedication to Autumn Season. It’s only the first part, and I’m working on the 2nd.  I hope you enjoy the music while reading the Poem below. HAPPY AUTUMN, HAPPY FALL!!!

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
Albert Camus 

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1833)

Go, sit upon the lofty hill,
And turn your eyes around,
Where waving woods and waters wild
Do hymn an autumn sound.
The summer sun is faint on them —
The summer flowers depart —
Sit still — as all transform’d to stone,
Except your musing heart.

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Welcome to Autumn! My favorite season officially arrived on September 22 and I have been anxious about it. Why? Because I wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful colors it will bring! Who else out there is  an Autumn fan? 😀 {All photos were taken by me using Olympus VR -340 and edited in Pixlr}

“In the autumn it is said that the reason why leaves fall down from the branch is to make way for new leaves to grow. No matter how sad the fallen leaves look, there will always be new sprouts in the spring. Perhaps, emptiness in the heart is something similar to that.” – Boys Be Anime Quotes

One of the many things I love about Autumn – wild Cyclamens growing in a Greek forest. For the past 4 years I have enjoyed taking their photos. This year, we moved to city center, so it will be difficult to visit the forest regularly. This photo was taken @Autumn 2012, Filyro.

I would love to share a poem from {Source of Inspiration} blog:
“Sometimes we cope with
unpleasantness by simply
walking away. This leaves
the situation unresolved but
there are times when no acceptable
compromise seems available.
It is a wise man who knows
when to do battle and when
to retreat. One must be careful,
however, not to make retreat
a way of hurting another.
Title: Bad News



Alphabet Photo Challenge: “L” is for Lake Kerkini

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{All photos were taken on November 25, 2012}


My Lake Kerkini Postcard. I tried to create an Autumn mood here, if you think this is good, let me know. If not, help me criticize by commenting below. Thank you!

Last Winter, I went on trip with one of the Filipino organizations in Northern Greece. One of our destinations was Lake Kerkini. It is located in the prefecture of Serres, Macedonia region.  From the town of Serres, it is  35-40 km away; 100 km from Thessaloniki city, and 50 km from the border of Bulgaria. It is surrounded by the mountains of Belles & Mavrovouni. The river where the lake is situated, is called “Strymonas / Struma River.” The lake has a pear-shape and is one of the most important wetlands in Europe. As the season changes every year, the migrating birds come and go, too. There are 300 species of birds found on the lake. More info here.

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Bit Bazaar & Walk Around Dikastirion Square

One Winter afternoon, I took a quiet and lazy walk around Bit Bazaar. Located along Eleftheriou Venizeliou road, and a block away from the Ancient Roman Agora-Forum, this place has something in store for vintage enthusiasts. At night, the Bit Bazaar restaurant-cafe area is busy. It is a cool place to hang out for food and drinks so it’s quite popular with students. But the highlight of this place is it’s 80’s and 90’s atmosphere. During daytime, one can see the vintage and antique shops open for business.


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Modiano Marketplace at Plateia Aristotelous (Aristotle’s Plaza)

(Last year I wasn’t blogging much so I have a heart this year to post photos from years ago. The set of photos on this entry are all from February 2012.)

One of the places I like to walk in Thessaloniki city is in Aristotelous Plateia. It is a long and straight road that starts from Ignatia , going down to Tzimiski, and much farther down to Nikis, the paraliya (beach) area of Thermaikos Gulf. Now, I will talk about the upper area of this place.

Also simply called as “Aristotelous”, the plaza is never out of people. Especially in the morning where all shops and markets are open. Left and right, the modern and old shopping areas connect. So one busy market day, I walked there on my own trying to find fresh feta from Modiano Marketplace. It is an old Jewish-owned Market that saw the richer days of Thessaloniki. The architect was also a Jew, Eli Modiano. His family were the financier of this project. During the Ottoman period, it was the only main marketplace in Thessaloniki selling mostly meat. This area was also a place for different races interaction: Jew, Muslim, and Greek Orthodox to mingle with each other as businessmen. Each of this race will have distinctive jobs. From meat vendors to shoe makers.

Modiano Market of today’s era is a place where you can find anything. From Chinese-made clothes to traditional Greek ornaments; from traditional souvenirs to modern-decorated ones; from fresh food to processed ones.

(It was quite busy that I was afraid I’d get into an accident so I took few quick photos. So here are my finds on that day.)

WANT SOME OLIVES? Available in fresh form, canned, or pickled!

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A February Rendezvous

A 2012 Winter Memory – My 2nd and 3rd winter in Greece were the most fantastic ones! There was snow and hail and my 1st snowy Christmas day, too! 😀

February 2012 was a continuous snowy weather, especially in high altitude places of Thessaloniki, where Filyro belongs. I spent the cold days, taking the dog out while enjoying the magically white surrounding.

On this picture, I took this while Gina was walking ahead of me. I really love the scenery of her ; surrounded by leafless trees covered in fresh snow. She glanced back where I was at. She never let me out of sight, as I wouldn’t let her out of my sight, too. She enjoyed the snow so much that she would roll her body on a pile , and after another. I am glad that the road maintenance during this time of year was ready to clean the icy roads so it’s easier to walk without the fear of a car sliding and the thought that we could be hit by it. So it’s safe – no car accidents during snowy days in Filyro, well… so far. ^_^

Winter Shades (Sunset)


This photo was taken at the attic of my in-laws’ house. We used to live here because it was Theo’s bedroom. But as of Summer 2012, we transferred on the 2nd floor of the house, which used to be the living room floor. But for 3 winters, at this window, I have been watching the sunset. The beautiful colors created through our planet’s movement on its axis, while it’s turning away from the sun,  is a wonderful sight to behold. Enraging the sky, a natural painting of Earth’s beauty.