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Autumn Greeting in Thermi

{This is a late post and was taken September 22,2013.}

Thermi is a municipality, located southeast of Thessaloniki. I kept coming back to this place because it has a beautiful nature park. One of the best things this municipality had done, was the infrastructure of artificial lake known as “Fragma.” Though Thessaloniki is a region surrounded by pine trees and mountain landscape, it’s still an undiscovered place. There’s not much of nature parks to be found in this enchanting city. Rare ones like in Thermi, was a huge leap for development.


My favorite time to visit the park is during Autumn and Spring. I enjoy a walk looking at maple trees and listening to the sound of the water from the stream.

In the Wild: Hanging Pink Balloons 

More Pink dancing in Autumn Wind!

Afternoon Reflection of the Lake

White chairs in disarray. The wind had been too strong to create chaos before an event started.

A Woman in the Lake. I couldn’t get close enough to take her photo while we were at the bridge.

Pine Trees and What’s Beyond It. The Lake in Thermi is also a home for turtles. 

I would love to know what specie of turtle that inhabits the lake right now. It’s the one with something red on its face. If you know it, please comment below.

Hardworking Swimmers. Perhaps the best part of the day is to see these two together. They were aiming for the pieces of food the visitors were throwing.

IMPORTANT: Speaking of feeding ducks and turtles in parks.  I know from experience that you are not supposed to feed the wild creatures with outside food. But in Thermi park, nothing was written anywhere about it. So if ever you go and visit this place (or any nature parks), please read this article first: WILDCARE – Don’t Feed Wildlife.

Presence of Humans means “Free Food.” 

Feathers and Friends.

Me & a Friend – Duck Viewing.

Goodbye to the Day.

I like to remind myself that Autumn season is almost over. This is the first year while living in Greece that I didn’t take many photos of my favorite season. Caught up in many things, (seemed to be endless considering we are still adjusting to new life: I found a job and a house & husband to take care everyday), the only place I can update so easily is Facebook. I have been hesitant to start writing an entry in WordPress because it takes my free time to spend with hubby or do the house chores. I apologize for this selfish reason to update my blog. But I honestly enjoy my new life now! The freedom that we together decide what to do with our relationship. I hope to keep in touch with wordpress using my new phone, though. I have to get use to it since I’m a slow learner in regards to using new technology. Hahaha! Hope you enjoyed this post regardless of its lateness! Wishing you a wonderful week! 😀



A Word a Week Challenge: Mistake

From {A Word in Your Ear} – “This week the dictionary has fallen open at the word MISTAKE.  We all have photos that seem ok when we take them but when downloaded, we spot something wrong with it.   So this week we are going to have some fun and the challenge is to show a photo that something is wrong with.”

After finding this post from my Reader, I didn’t think twice to join. I know I got some of those photography mistakes, and all I need is to find them! In 15 minutes, I found 4 that I remembered. Who can spot the mistake in 1 second?  😀

SPECIES IDENTITY CRISIS: I have included this photo before in my previous post

A car that I found one summer day at the beach.

Booboo the Cat: “What’s “Happy” in Happy New Year”???”

I love Greek Feta! But who’s in the box???


Travel Theme: Hidden

This collection are photos from 2010 to present.  Since I cannot make  posts for each of them, so Weekly Photo Challenges in WP really helps a lot to show some of them in one post. If you want to join this challenge, check out  Ailsa‘s hide-out! And I wish everyone a nice Thursday! 🙂

What’s hidden, and what’s being revealed?

One of the remaining monasteries in Meteora. They were hidden on top of a mountain without staircase in 11th century. The windows were used as ‘kind of like an elevator’ by the monks.

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Observing the Ducks

May 1, in Greece not a Labor Day this year. Mr. husband and I had to do some errand because people are not on holiday. In the middle of the busy afternoon, we went to the Zoological Park of Thessaloniki which was located in forest Seikh Sou. We spent there our 40 – 50 minutes afternoon walk. It was a lovely day, truly a Spring day. And not only us were happy about it, so as the lovely residents of the zoo. Especially the ducks. Today, I will post about them and hopefully next time I can feature the Zoological Park of the city I live.

Please enjoy the photos. To all Orthodox – Καλό Πάσχα και Καλή Ανάσταση!

One of the ponds inside the park.

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