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Unexpected Receipt

It was Layki Day. And that means, time to refill the fridge with fresh fruits & vegetables from the farmer’s market. Busy, noisy, crowded. And in a fast paced event, one will think it’s normal for vendors not to give out receipts, anymore. That day, I counted only 2 vendors who gave me receipts. To think, I went to 6 stalls. Giving out receipts is very important to the economy. That means the businessman is paying his tax. I support those who do this. It’s amazing to find few of them giving out receipts in farmer’s market. Most of them reason out that they are in a hurry for the other customer so they cannot give you. I can understand that with the recession and with the ‘excessive’ increase in taxes here, one would want to escape paying it properly. But this habit of escaping taxes has been going on for a long time. The Greek government started to be strict only after getting scolded by the EU and MILF organizations in the start of recession. But you see, “old  habits are hard to get rid of.” Sadly, It applies to this country and to its people – strongly.

My post today is to praise this egg vendor that gave out receipts to all of his customers.

I passed 3 vendors before coming to him. When I saw him printing receipts, I decided to check out his eggs and prices. They weren’t bad at all and equally priced with the others. I did not hesitate and bought 10 eggs. In my surprise, he put them in an egg box; where from the other egg vendors, they would be put on plastic bags (and no receipts!) I was so pleased because I could carry my eggs without worries anymore that they will break. Which of course happened several times before.

My beautiful medium-sized eggs in a box! Price: 0.20€ / piece. The eggs are from “free-range” chickens.

Contact this Person:
Krisoulas Kostas
Tel #: 6974358746

My 10 eggs before I made loads of Coconut Macaroons! 😀

How’s your farmer’s market day?




Want Some Beer?

I have a favorite beer in Greece. It’s not a traditional beer , but something that’s not from this country. It’s available in bottle or tin can. And it has a flavor. Lemon flavor. Even Kiki, (the Koala) enjoys it! ^____^


Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

Here’s another challenge that I have been looking forward to before our internet was gone. To check it out, click {here}.

This is my photo of the Ancient Acropolis in Athens, the Parthenon, the Greek flag, and the opposite mountain. I was venturing on my own,  along with many unfamiliar tourists for 1 hour and  I didn’t even realize it until my alarm clock said so. It was a beautiful experience, exhilarating, fantastic, one-of-a-kind. I was finally in one of the ancient places you cannot miss to visit in your lifetime! It was a dream come true. It was a marvelous sanctuary.  And as I followed the marble pathway; these are the same path the ancient people went through. For the sake of worshiping their Gods and Goddesses. Thinking about it, I thought how far human civilization had moved on. Two thousand years have passed and even though those Gods weren’t worshiped as they were worshiped before, they still exist. This mountain, the remains of the Parthenon, the ancient upper city – are still standing. And humanity moved on so far as finding what’s outside the universe and to remember these old Gods, there are several planets named after them.

{This was part of my 2-hour walk in Athens in Autumn 2011}

Travel Theme: Hidden

This collection are photos from 2010 to present.  Since I cannot make  posts for each of them, so Weekly Photo Challenges in WP really helps a lot to show some of them in one post. If you want to join this challenge, check out  Ailsa‘s hide-out! And I wish everyone a nice Thursday! 🙂

What’s hidden, and what’s being revealed?

One of the remaining monasteries in Meteora. They were hidden on top of a mountain without staircase in 11th century. The windows were used as ‘kind of like an elevator’ by the monks.

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Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Street Art in Ano Poli

I am participating in this week’s “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows” by “The Day After: Musings of a Wannabe  Photographer.” The photos below were taken in July 25, 2012 – when I wondered on my own at the ancient Acropolis of Thessaloniki. Now the area is a town called “Ano Poli.” Here, you will see alot of traditional houses of Thessaloniki. A mix of Jewish, Turkish, and Greek-style houses are everywhere. Some were kept in good condition, some were fully abandoned. And in between them were modern houses. Abandoned houses attract many street artists. As you will see below.

Broken window panes. Look below what a street artist did.

He painted the walls of the abandoned house.

Street arts like this, I enjoy looking. But I have to say that vandalism in Thessaloniki is rampant. At some point years ago, someone painted the historic wall of  the city’s icon – the White Tower. The “Paraliya”,  the seashore of Thermaikos Gulf, is relatively new, but look what it looks like now; graffiti here, graffiti there. From the vandals of football teams in Greece to vandals of foreigners hating Greece or Greeks hating the government — these property offenders has nothing good to contribute to this country, but just simply dirtying it.

This used to be the bathroom of a demolished house.

And if you want to see normal windows, yes, this is an example. 🙂 An old house in Ano Poli.

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TA LEME! See You!
~ Nessy ~

Alphabet Photo Challenge: “I” is for ISLA!

It’s a new week and I am joining again Frizztext’s challenge! It’s the letter “I” this time. Because it is summer, let me introduce a summer place in Northern Greece. It is called, “ISLA.” It is the name of a beach bar in 2nd leg, Sithonia, of Halkidiki. Located in the shore or coast of Kalogria, “Isla” is one of the newly discovered places we found this year in Halkidiki.  It is next to Makednos Hotel beach bar.

But first, let me do a vocabulary check of this word. Continue reading

Alphabet Photo Challenge: GGG!!!

G – is for Garden Decorations

{ This is in response to the weekly activity of Frizztext. }

During a beach excursion with Mr. Hubby and a friend: We went to 2nd leg of Halkidiki, Sithonia. On our way, we stopped at a bakery to get snacks. We passed through many flower shops. Then there was a huge garden store which has these lovely garden pots & decors.
{taken @ July 20,2013}