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The Summer I’m Not There with You

Lyrics of the Day
from “Strawberry Swing” song version by Coldplay.

“People moving all the time inside a perfectly straight line

Don’t you wanna curve away?
It’s such it’s such a perfect day, it’s such a perfect day

Ah, now the sky could be blue, I don’t mind
Without you it’s a waste of time
Could be blue, I don’t mind
Without you it’s a waste of time

The sky could be blue, could be gray
Without you I just slide away
The sky could be blue, I don’t mind
Without you it’s a waste of time.”


[I am currently back to my birthplace. I’ve been here more than 6 months and continuing my study. I will try to blog again. I quite miss wordpress – a lot. The bloggers I follow, the friends I met (sorry I haven’t added you on facebook yet!), and the daily morning-coffee readings – I miss them all.]
{I’ll Keep In Touch Once In a While. Student Life with 24 units – is unexpectedly hectic, hahaha! Wishing you all a very nice week.}


Sunday Quote: Windows / Window Panes

It’s a Sunday and it’s a prompt Quote Day!

Join me every Sunday, for a different Quote Topic. You can share an inspiring quote ( or quotes ) through Poetry, Videos, Music, Pictures, and Stories. Just don’t forget to share your link to me! You can post-comment it below. If you want to join next Sunday our theme is AUTUMN.
Sonel joined today! ~Welcome back~


These two kittens were strays staying at the backyard in 2010. Aren’t they adorable? 

So why “windows or window panes” is the topic? Well it started with looking at “windows” theme from a co-blogger {link here}. Join the fun of sharing, too! 😀

The photo I used here was taken from the lake of Aghios Vasilios a.k.a. Lake Koreneia.  This was taken at an abandoned park where willows gave shade to these purple wild flowers but left a deep sadness image to the abandoned and near-death lake in Northern Greece.

Read more: NEWS HERE & HERE.

Wishing Everyone a Very Nice Sunday!


Sunday Quote: Memories

Every Sunday Sonel and I post quotes of specific theme. You can share an inspiring quote ( or quotes ) through Poetry, Pictures, and Story. Just don’t forget to share your link to me! You can post-comment it below. If you want to join next Sunday, the theme is about: HEART


Nice memories have their own scent. Whenever you are veiled in its scent, Your heart can always return to your unforgettable past. Together with your own scenery that will never fade.”

– Quote from BOYS BE Anime –

Indeed. Nice Memories are those that we cherish most. We hold unto them because they brighten our day, move our feelings, and inspire us. Today, I will divide the 3 most important part of my memories: Love, Family, and Friendship. These 3 are ingredients vital to us. I don’t think I can move on without the memories of people I treasure and love in life. I have to use 1 photo only to represent each ingredient.

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Love Bursts Sunday

For the past days, I have been having a crazy-doubting-suspicious yet funny-happy-ridiculously happy if I may say it right-nuclear emotion! Then today as I was browsing WP Reader – something came up. As expected of Mr. Wiley’s toughts, I read yet another inspiring and an eye opening post. If you want to know what I am talking about, visit Mr. Wiley’s post in Here.

And no doubt about it anymore – I AM HAVING  LOVE BURSTS! A nuclear explosion of emotions toward Mr. Husband. It is a corny thought, but I believe and I think that I am having these moments. It’s a repetitive case for me. At least for now, I understand that this is normal and thanks to Mr. Wiley, for when this happen again in the near future, I have something to remind myself since I know now what is this unsettling-yet-somewhat, lovely feeling.

A sweet fruit juice made by Mr. Hubby. My little heart is saying “happiness.”

An afternoon juice snack with Mr. Hubby. He’ been a busy guy so whenever he gives me his attention, I get somewhat red-faced and a rumble-jumble emotion. Hahaha. Feels like a teenager again, eh?

Sunday Photo Quote: Grateful/Gratitude

Hello, it’s another Sunday to share quotes (I like) regarding a specific topic. This Sunday’s theme was given by Sonel at Sonel’s Corner. Thank you Sonel!  If you want to join us for this Sunday activity,  feel free to do so. 😀

Today was just another busy Sunday. Orthodox Easter holiday is finally over and it happened that it was also Mother’s Day, so I would love to share some of the sayings that my mother told me in regards to “gratitude”. I got a call from her and she didn’t even realize it’s Mother’s Day. Hahaha! Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk long because Mr. husband and I were about to go out. So I told her I’d call back at night. At 10pm, we were home and found our street in total darkness. There was no electricity since 8pm! So no Skype, meaning no phone call to Mom. When the energy returned, I was too tired to speak (almost midnight here). I headed to WP instead, to post this (late) Sunday entry.

Gratitude, it’s something that we naturally feel but showed less. Everyday I am thankful for many things, although I don’t speak of them. So today I will give myself a chance to mention them. 

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