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A Word a Week Challenge: Mistake

From {A Word in Your Ear} – “This week the dictionary has fallen open at the word MISTAKE.  We all have photos that seem ok when we take them but when downloaded, we spot something wrong with it.   So this week we are going to have some fun and the challenge is to show a photo that something is wrong with.”

After finding this post from my Reader, I didn’t think twice to join. I know I got some of those photography mistakes, and all I need is to find them! In 15 minutes, I found 4 that I remembered. Who can spot the mistake in 1 second?  😀

SPECIES IDENTITY CRISIS: I have included this photo before in my previous post

A car that I found one summer day at the beach.

Booboo the Cat: “What’s “Happy” in Happy New Year”???”

I love Greek Feta! But who’s in the box???



Alphabet Photo Challenge: “L” is for Lake Kerkini

Visit Frizztext for this WP challenge!

{All photos were taken on November 25, 2012}


My Lake Kerkini Postcard. I tried to create an Autumn mood here, if you think this is good, let me know. If not, help me criticize by commenting below. Thank you!

Last Winter, I went on trip with one of the Filipino organizations in Northern Greece. One of our destinations was Lake Kerkini. It is located in the prefecture of Serres, Macedonia region.  From the town of Serres, it is  35-40 km away; 100 km from Thessaloniki city, and 50 km from the border of Bulgaria. It is surrounded by the mountains of Belles & Mavrovouni. The river where the lake is situated, is called “Strymonas / Struma River.” The lake has a pear-shape and is one of the most important wetlands in Europe. As the season changes every year, the migrating birds come and go, too. There are 300 species of birds found on the lake. More info here.

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A Word a Week Challenge: Square

[Photos below are all from 2011]

March. Texture on a Tree.

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Alphabet Photo Challenge: “I” is for ISLA!

It’s a new week and I am joining again Frizztext’s challenge! It’s the letter “I” this time. Because it is summer, let me introduce a summer place in Northern Greece. It is called, “ISLA.” It is the name of a beach bar in 2nd leg, Sithonia, of Halkidiki. Located in the shore or coast of Kalogria, “Isla” is one of the newly discovered places we found this year in Halkidiki.  It is next to Makednos Hotel beach bar.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

I wasn’t able to take new photos this week; got caught up with a lot of things to accomplish in 6 days. I am relatively glad that this Sunday, I am able to rest and do the things I love the most when I am online – WordPress blogging & reading. Cheers to that! Though I don’t have new photos to join the challenge, I would love to share this year’s set of photos that relate to this week’s theme: FOCUS. Do you want to join, too? Check it out in DAILY POST.

{The Photos below were taken with compact camera Olympus VR-340.}
The changing of  the seasons always brings something new to see, refreshing to feel, and abundance of life to capture in photograph.

After a January Rain.

Saffron Flower in the Wild in January.

Dried Thistle in January.

Wild Blue Beauty in March.

Plastic Apple Models in NOESIS Museum.

Dandelions in Spring.

Mating Season in April.

“The Creeper” in April.

Chamomiles on the Beach in Spring.


Alphabet Photo Challenge: GGG!!!

G – is for Garden Decorations

{ This is in response to the weekly activity of Frizztext. }

During a beach excursion with Mr. Hubby and a friend: We went to 2nd leg of Halkidiki, Sithonia. On our way, we stopped at a bakery to get snacks. We passed through many flower shops. Then there was a huge garden store which has these lovely garden pots & decors.
{taken @ July 20,2013}