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Favorite Pastry Shop

I have been going to this pastry shop called BRAVO which was close to  a Greek-Filipino couple friend’s house. Sometimes, after our visit, Mr. Hubby and I would buy their sweet desserts and pastries, called “pasta” in Greek, it means “pastry or cake.” Last Sunday, we passed by. We bought our desserts for dinner, unfortunately no photos since the palate was more important than anything else that day (lol). We bought their mouthwatering “Sokolatopita”, literally translated to English as “chocolate pie.” In English cookbook, it is simply a buttery chocolate cake. It was for Mr. hubby. Mine was “Pasta Krema Sokolata”, literally translated  as “white cream chocolate pastry.”  It took us awhile to decide which ones to get because we know they all taste great! In addition, we also bought their “Portokalopita”, (in Greek it’s called “orange pie”, but in English cookbook, it’s  a type of cake.) It was another delectable dessert of Bravo. We asked the seller if she made them. Then she replied that some she did; after all the store is their factory. I asked if I can look inside and without hesitation we were showed of their workplace. Out of excitement, I forgot to take photos! I will have to get back there and get some snapshots of my favorite pastry shop in Thessaloniki. 😀  

Oh wait, I actually have photos of Greek orange cake, “Portokalopita.” As you can see, we’ve been indulging on it for almost 2 days. It’s amazing it hold out for that long in the fridge!
When you are around Thessaloniki, come and find a Bravo Pastry Shop and try their assorted desserts “pasta” and “pitas!” 🙂

Bravo Pastry Shop Portokalopita. Only 7€ a box.

Eating it sl.o.o.o.w.ly

Enjoy your meal with yummy desserts from BRAVO!