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Yolanda Typhoon Charity Event in Thessaloniki

You must have heard it already. The sad event that happened in the country where I came from, the Philippines, was recently due to the super typhoon “Haiyan”. In my country it is well-known as “Yolanda.” The island that was hit hard, was where I was born and grew half of my life on it. Thankfully, my relatives are fine. As you might have seen in the news for more than 2 weeks, this natural disaster is one of the worst  in mankind history. I was dumbfounded – up to this moment, I still am. The videos and images roaming around the international news channel makes one who is far from her homeland,  in excruciating pain. My co-Filipinos have suffered so much and they need everyone’s support in anyway/every way they can. Filipinos abroad, do not forget to give a helping hand though thousand of miles distance apart from our homeland. Here in Northern Greece (State of Macedonia), the Filipino Organization of Northern Greece held a charity event last Sunday in Thessaloniki City. Even though it rained, the Filipinos still continued their road concert in Plateia Aristotelous (Aristolelous Plaza.) Nothing could stop them!
There will be a second charity event this coming Sunday and it is also the start of December.

I do not exactly know how to help, but I decided to spread the word through the “blogosphere.”  I also contacted friends  in Thessaloniki to go there. I made my own invitation card for those who reside in Northern Greece. I hope you could share something, too, to help my fellow Filipinos who are victims of the catastrophe. Kindly spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances if they have anything they don’t need that is listed on the card below. I am thanking all of you, in advance. I do believe the little things we can do to help, matters to the lives of the individuals who were affected by typhoon Yolanda.

The Donation List:

MONEY: Cash only, no checks.
SUMMER CLOTHES: Philippines may have heavy rain, but it’s not as cold as Greece. It is relatively a very tropical country so if you have summer clothes you do not need, please do not throw them but donate it to Philippines.
HYGIENIC SOAP & OTHER TOILETRIES: Hand soap, beauty soap, shampoo, toilet paper, facial paper, towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.
CANNED FOODS: Anything that can be stored for longer time: Preserved Foods in Can, Pasta, Noodle packs, etc.

For those who want to go there with me, send me an e-mail on shadelassy@yahoo.com. You can also leave to me your donations beforehand in case you cannot go there on Sunday. All donations will be taken care of by a Philippine organization. They will be handed directly to the victims.
Peace to All Men and hope to see you on Sunday!



Favorite Pastry Shop

I have been going to this pastry shop called BRAVO which was close to  a Greek-Filipino couple friend’s house. Sometimes, after our visit, Mr. Hubby and I would buy their sweet desserts and pastries, called “pasta” in Greek, it means “pastry or cake.” Last Sunday, we passed by. We bought our desserts for dinner, unfortunately no photos since the palate was more important than anything else that day (lol). We bought their mouthwatering “Sokolatopita”, literally translated to English as “chocolate pie.” In English cookbook, it is simply a buttery chocolate cake. It was for Mr. hubby. Mine was “Pasta Krema Sokolata”, literally translated  as “white cream chocolate pastry.”  It took us awhile to decide which ones to get because we know they all taste great! In addition, we also bought their “Portokalopita”, (in Greek it’s called “orange pie”, but in English cookbook, it’s  a type of cake.) It was another delectable dessert of Bravo. We asked the seller if she made them. Then she replied that some she did; after all the store is their factory. I asked if I can look inside and without hesitation we were showed of their workplace. Out of excitement, I forgot to take photos! I will have to get back there and get some snapshots of my favorite pastry shop in Thessaloniki. 😀  

Oh wait, I actually have photos of Greek orange cake, “Portokalopita.” As you can see, we’ve been indulging on it for almost 2 days. It’s amazing it hold out for that long in the fridge!
When you are around Thessaloniki, come and find a Bravo Pastry Shop and try their assorted desserts “pasta” and “pitas!” 🙂

Bravo Pastry Shop Portokalopita. Only 7€ a box.

Eating it sl.o.o.o.w.ly

Enjoy your meal with yummy desserts from BRAVO!


A Word a Week Challenge: Square

[Photos below are all from 2011]

March. Texture on a Tree.

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Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Street Art in Ano Poli

I am participating in this week’s “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows” by “The Day After: Musings of a Wannabe  Photographer.” The photos below were taken in July 25, 2012 – when I wondered on my own at the ancient Acropolis of Thessaloniki. Now the area is a town called “Ano Poli.” Here, you will see alot of traditional houses of Thessaloniki. A mix of Jewish, Turkish, and Greek-style houses are everywhere. Some were kept in good condition, some were fully abandoned. And in between them were modern houses. Abandoned houses attract many street artists. As you will see below.

Broken window panes. Look below what a street artist did.

He painted the walls of the abandoned house.

Street arts like this, I enjoy looking. But I have to say that vandalism in Thessaloniki is rampant. At some point years ago, someone painted the historic wall of  the city’s icon – the White Tower. The “Paraliya”,  the seashore of Thermaikos Gulf, is relatively new, but look what it looks like now; graffiti here, graffiti there. From the vandals of football teams in Greece to vandals of foreigners hating Greece or Greeks hating the government — these property offenders has nothing good to contribute to this country, but just simply dirtying it.

This used to be the bathroom of a demolished house.

And if you want to see normal windows, yes, this is an example. 🙂 An old house in Ano Poli.

If you want to participate on this weekly activity, check it out!

TA LEME! See You!
~ Nessy ~

An Old Fisherman’s Harbor in the City

Kalamaria – a progressive town in Thessaloniki city. We live so close to it now that during late afternoon walks, Mr. Hubby and I pass to its beginning and we will stop to this almost-hidden fisherman’s area. I never expected it to be this close to city vicinity. The daily fresh catch were probably for the traditional Ouzeri & Restaurant close by.


PHOTO SET 1: Taken around 7pm.

Such an old bridge…

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There’s Always Something New!

A set of those sweet NEW things in my life recently~

Meet Nelly – the ever curious cat of the house! 

Friday Market Day: Nelly, checking out the things I bought from grocery store and road market day. She was particularly interested with the fresh corn I got for 1€ per 4 pieces. I bought 8 pieces ^__^

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A Face to Behold!

So it’s Monday and it is my second day on my volunteer job in Thessaloniki. My previous post here.

Located at Micropolis, “Action for Wildlife” is a known organization that helps rehabilitate & care for injured wild animals of Northern Greece. It consists of hardworking and animal lover volunteers. And I intend to be a part of it. On my second day, I got introduced to Sophia. Every new volunteers should have training with her. She is a respectable veterinarian and when finally able to meet her, made my heart skipped. My friend has been telling me about how important it is to be taught by her in regards to the appropriate way of caring and feeding wild animals. I have to say, I learned new things from her; ones that I haven’t heard in documentaries. My friend also taught me important things. For the first time, I helped in preparing the food and hold the birds to aid her. To note, some of the animals I met last week were gone. They were sent back to their natural habitat. Isn’t this a good news? 🙂

The photo below was after we fed one of the baby owls. In the background, you can see 2 of the long-time workers in the organization. Sophia the vet, was doing a foot surgery on an injured hawk. I avoided taking photos but I witnessed something that I didn’t expect to see in person. It was exhilarating!

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