The Summer I’m Not There with You

Lyrics of the Day
from “Strawberry Swing” song version by Coldplay.

“People moving all the time inside a perfectly straight line

Don’t you wanna curve away?
It’s such it’s such a perfect day, it’s such a perfect day

Ah, now the sky could be blue, I don’t mind
Without you it’s a waste of time
Could be blue, I don’t mind
Without you it’s a waste of time

The sky could be blue, could be gray
Without you I just slide away
The sky could be blue, I don’t mind
Without you it’s a waste of time.”


[I am currently back to my birthplace. I’ve been here more than 6 months and continuing my study. I will try to blog again. I quite miss wordpress – a lot. The bloggers I follow, the friends I met (sorry I haven’t added you on facebook yet!), and the daily morning-coffee readings – I miss them all.]
{I’ll Keep In Touch Once In a While. Student Life with 24 units – is unexpectedly hectic, hahaha! Wishing you all a very nice week.}


Yolanda Typhoon Charity Event in Thessaloniki

You must have heard it already. The sad event that happened in the country where I came from, the Philippines, was recently due to the super typhoon “Haiyan”. In my country it is well-known as “Yolanda.” The island that was hit hard, was where I was born and grew half of my life on it. Thankfully, my relatives are fine. As you might have seen in the news for more than 2 weeks, this natural disaster is one of the worst  in mankind history. I was dumbfounded – up to this moment, I still am. The videos and images roaming around the international news channel makes one who is far from her homeland,  in excruciating pain. My co-Filipinos have suffered so much and they need everyone’s support in anyway/every way they can. Filipinos abroad, do not forget to give a helping hand though thousand of miles distance apart from our homeland. Here in Northern Greece (State of Macedonia), the Filipino Organization of Northern Greece held a charity event last Sunday in Thessaloniki City. Even though it rained, the Filipinos still continued their road concert in Plateia Aristotelous (Aristolelous Plaza.) Nothing could stop them!
There will be a second charity event this coming Sunday and it is also the start of December.

I do not exactly know how to help, but I decided to spread the word through the “blogosphere.”  I also contacted friends  in Thessaloniki to go there. I made my own invitation card for those who reside in Northern Greece. I hope you could share something, too, to help my fellow Filipinos who are victims of the catastrophe. Kindly spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances if they have anything they don’t need that is listed on the card below. I am thanking all of you, in advance. I do believe the little things we can do to help, matters to the lives of the individuals who were affected by typhoon Yolanda.

The Donation List:

MONEY: Cash only, no checks.
SUMMER CLOTHES: Philippines may have heavy rain, but it’s not as cold as Greece. It is relatively a very tropical country so if you have summer clothes you do not need, please do not throw them but donate it to Philippines.
HYGIENIC SOAP & OTHER TOILETRIES: Hand soap, beauty soap, shampoo, toilet paper, facial paper, towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.
CANNED FOODS: Anything that can be stored for longer time: Preserved Foods in Can, Pasta, Noodle packs, etc.

For those who want to go there with me, send me an e-mail on You can also leave to me your donations beforehand in case you cannot go there on Sunday. All donations will be taken care of by a Philippine organization. They will be handed directly to the victims.
Peace to All Men and hope to see you on Sunday!


Unexpected Receipt

It was Layki Day. And that means, time to refill the fridge with fresh fruits & vegetables from the farmer’s market. Busy, noisy, crowded. And in a fast paced event, one will think it’s normal for vendors not to give out receipts, anymore. That day, I counted only 2 vendors who gave me receipts. To think, I went to 6 stalls. Giving out receipts is very important to the economy. That means the businessman is paying his tax. I support those who do this. It’s amazing to find few of them giving out receipts in farmer’s market. Most of them reason out that they are in a hurry for the other customer so they cannot give you. I can understand that with the recession and with the ‘excessive’ increase in taxes here, one would want to escape paying it properly. But this habit of escaping taxes has been going on for a long time. The Greek government started to be strict only after getting scolded by the EU and MILF organizations in the start of recession. But you see, “old  habits are hard to get rid of.” Sadly, It applies to this country and to its people – strongly.

My post today is to praise this egg vendor that gave out receipts to all of his customers.

I passed 3 vendors before coming to him. When I saw him printing receipts, I decided to check out his eggs and prices. They weren’t bad at all and equally priced with the others. I did not hesitate and bought 10 eggs. In my surprise, he put them in an egg box; where from the other egg vendors, they would be put on plastic bags (and no receipts!) I was so pleased because I could carry my eggs without worries anymore that they will break. Which of course happened several times before.

My beautiful medium-sized eggs in a box! Price: 0.20€ / piece. The eggs are from “free-range” chickens.

Contact this Person:
Krisoulas Kostas
Tel #: 6974358746

My 10 eggs before I made loads of Coconut Macaroons! 😀

How’s your farmer’s market day?



Autumn Greeting in Thermi

{This is a late post and was taken September 22,2013.}

Thermi is a municipality, located southeast of Thessaloniki. I kept coming back to this place because it has a beautiful nature park. One of the best things this municipality had done, was the infrastructure of artificial lake known as “Fragma.” Though Thessaloniki is a region surrounded by pine trees and mountain landscape, it’s still an undiscovered place. There’s not much of nature parks to be found in this enchanting city. Rare ones like in Thermi, was a huge leap for development.


My favorite time to visit the park is during Autumn and Spring. I enjoy a walk looking at maple trees and listening to the sound of the water from the stream.

In the Wild: Hanging Pink Balloons 

More Pink dancing in Autumn Wind!

Afternoon Reflection of the Lake

White chairs in disarray. The wind had been too strong to create chaos before an event started.

A Woman in the Lake. I couldn’t get close enough to take her photo while we were at the bridge.

Pine Trees and What’s Beyond It. The Lake in Thermi is also a home for turtles. 

I would love to know what specie of turtle that inhabits the lake right now. It’s the one with something red on its face. If you know it, please comment below.

Hardworking Swimmers. Perhaps the best part of the day is to see these two together. They were aiming for the pieces of food the visitors were throwing.

IMPORTANT: Speaking of feeding ducks and turtles in parks.  I know from experience that you are not supposed to feed the wild creatures with outside food. But in Thermi park, nothing was written anywhere about it. So if ever you go and visit this place (or any nature parks), please read this article first: WILDCARE – Don’t Feed Wildlife.

Presence of Humans means “Free Food.” 

Feathers and Friends.

Me & a Friend – Duck Viewing.

Goodbye to the Day.

I like to remind myself that Autumn season is almost over. This is the first year while living in Greece that I didn’t take many photos of my favorite season. Caught up in many things, (seemed to be endless considering we are still adjusting to new life: I found a job and a house & husband to take care everyday), the only place I can update so easily is Facebook. I have been hesitant to start writing an entry in WordPress because it takes my free time to spend with hubby or do the house chores. I apologize for this selfish reason to update my blog. But I honestly enjoy my new life now! The freedom that we together decide what to do with our relationship. I hope to keep in touch with wordpress using my new phone, though. I have to get use to it since I’m a slow learner in regards to using new technology. Hahaha! Hope you enjoyed this post regardless of its lateness! Wishing you a wonderful week! 😀


Sunday Quote: Treasure

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Wishing you all a Happy Sunday!


Favorite Pastry Shop

I have been going to this pastry shop called BRAVO which was close to  a Greek-Filipino couple friend’s house. Sometimes, after our visit, Mr. Hubby and I would buy their sweet desserts and pastries, called “pasta” in Greek, it means “pastry or cake.” Last Sunday, we passed by. We bought our desserts for dinner, unfortunately no photos since the palate was more important than anything else that day (lol). We bought their mouthwatering “Sokolatopita”, literally translated to English as “chocolate pie.” In English cookbook, it is simply a buttery chocolate cake. It was for Mr. hubby. Mine was “Pasta Krema Sokolata”, literally translated  as “white cream chocolate pastry.”  It took us awhile to decide which ones to get because we know they all taste great! In addition, we also bought their “Portokalopita”, (in Greek it’s called “orange pie”, but in English cookbook, it’s  a type of cake.) It was another delectable dessert of Bravo. We asked the seller if she made them. Then she replied that some she did; after all the store is their factory. I asked if I can look inside and without hesitation we were showed of their workplace. Out of excitement, I forgot to take photos! I will have to get back there and get some snapshots of my favorite pastry shop in Thessaloniki. 😀  

Oh wait, I actually have photos of Greek orange cake, “Portokalopita.” As you can see, we’ve been indulging on it for almost 2 days. It’s amazing it hold out for that long in the fridge!
When you are around Thessaloniki, come and find a Bravo Pastry Shop and try their assorted desserts “pasta” and “pitas!” 🙂

Bravo Pastry Shop Portokalopita. Only 7€ a box.

Eating it

Enjoy your meal with yummy desserts from BRAVO!